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Wendy Riddell


Originally from Scotland, Wendy has lived in 8 different countries over the past 17 years. Aside from being the Director of UFIT Bootcamps, Wendy is also a degree-qualified nutritionist with 18 years of experience. She runs the highly popular UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge, which successfully helped thousands of people lose weight and develop healthy eating habits. Wendy is also a fully qualified personal trainer and bootcamps coach, with experience in running fitness programs in Australia and Singapore.

Wendy’s wellness philosophy is to stay healthy instead of fighting disease, with nutrition and exercise playing a key part. After seeing many people around her struggle with bad health, Wendy decided to pursue a career in disease prevention, with the goal of keeping it simple and sustainable for people with busy lives. Wendy believes in working closely with her clients to personalise a nutrition plan with regular reviews, monitoring gut healthy, hormonal balance, stress and sleep levels to achieve the perfect equilibrium.

Previously, Wendy spent 2 years working in Azerbaijan with an NGO that worked with children’s orphanages. This gave Wendy an eye-opening experience on the nutritional disparity situation across the world.

Wendy is also a regular Cross-Fitter, and has competed in multiple obstacle races, half-marathons and cycling races in Singapore and in the UK. Wendy is a great believer that anyone can achieve anything with the right support. “I can, and I will.” is one of Wendy’s favourite phrases. She has four young children and understand first hand the challenges of balancing a healthy lifestyle with the demands of daily life.


  • BSC Nutrition – Robert Gordons University Aberdeen

  • ACE qualified personal trainer

  • Kettlebell training (advanced level)

  • Crosscore trainer

  • Thump-boxing trainer (advanced level)

  • Pre and post-natal nutrition

  • Sports nutrition