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Head of Sports

Frank Bruinsma has played and competed in tennis since the early age of 6. Growing up in Singapore, his love for the sport has allowed him to travel the region and compete at a high level of college tennis in the US. He is the epitome of a career tennis coach. Having obtained his first coaching certification in 1984 at the age of 18, he has coached tennis as a passion and a job ever since.

He was assigned Head Program Director for the Singapore Tennis Association in the late 1990s and helped start the tennis coaching arm of Savitar in 1999, which he has led since then. Frank has followed and mastered many certification courses and has spoken at numerous ITF and other coaches' workshops.


  • Associate of Arts Degree (Psychology)
  • ITF Level 2
  • TA Level 1
  • PTR Professional
  • AATC Master Level 4