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Our flagship hub, located in the heart of the CBD

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Clinic only, located on the 6th floor of Orchard Central mall

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Our City Hall hub is located on the 8th floor of Fairmont Hotel

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Our one-north hub is located at 1 Fusionopolis Place 

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Sunday 28th April | UFIT Club Street

Personal Training with client

Build a comprehensive, personalised program incorporating any service in our Circle of Care

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Physiotherapy that helps you recover stronger

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Weekdays 7am to 8pm
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14 years of experience
24 Physio specialists
3500 Lives changed yearly
4.9 average rating
Why Choose UFIT Physiotherapy?

Our Approach to Physiotherapy

Beyond treating your existing pain and discomfort, UFIT Physiotherapy will assess and diagnose the cause of pain, find the most effective way to alleviate it, and help to prevent re-occurrence. We make sure to fully understand the root cause of the problem and offer an integrated solution to optimise your recovery, while overcoming any challenges.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists treat all musculoskeletal and orthopaedic problems. With a huge range of specialisations and skillsets, many of our team also come from sporting backgrounds, including Muay Thai, power lifting, badminton, triathlons, handball, ultimate frisbee and Brazilian Jujitsu.

We treat a whole range of clients, including kids, adults, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and chronic pain population. We know rehabilitation is not always easy, but with the support and guidance of our expert team, many who have recovered from injuries themselves, we are confident we can get you back to doing the things you love safely and effectively.


Get access to a team of health and fitness experts with a vast range of specialised experience and knowledge.

RETURN TO ACTION STRONGER THAN BEFORE We're committed to ensuring you are pain and injury free and return to action stronger than you were before.
ACCESS TO A WELL-EQUIPPED GYM SPACE Get easy access to a well-equipped gym space for all your rehab needs, from learning to walk post surgery to returning to sport.
Trusted by employees of

Physiotherapy Specialities

We have a team of over 20 experienced musculoskeletal clinicians with a wide range of specialisations and skillsets, including sports rehabilitation, post-operative orthopaedic rehabilitation, chronic pain management, scoliosis management, paediatric orthopaedic physiotherapy and more. We are experienced in treating:

Soft Tissue
Soft Tissue Injury
Ligament Sprains
Ligament Sprains
Client Muscle Tear
Muscle Tears
Joint Problem
Joint Problems
Back Pain
Back & Neck Pain
Ergonomic Advice
Sports related injury
Sports-Related Injuries & Injury Prevention
Musculoskeletal profiling & treatment
Musculoskeletal Profiling & Treatment
Post-Surgery Rehabilitation
Whiplash Injury
Whiplash Related Injuries

Our Circle of Care

At UFIT, physiotherapy means more than treating your existing pain and discomfort. Instead, we're all about longevity. We focus on helping you move better, feel better, and perform better by looking at all the core foundations of health altogether, rather than in isolation. Through our Circle of Care, you can access a range of 1-1 health-related services to support your rehabilitation journey

Direct Insurance Billing

Use your insurance to cover your physiotherapy fees easily

Physio Locations

  • Club Street
  • Orchard
  • City Hall
  • one-north

Hear from our clients

YengUFIT Physio Client | Club Street, Singapore

Decided to go to physio after having constant bad headaches and numbing pain on my right shoulder all the way to my hand.

Been working with Dean for two months now to work on my issues and strengthen my shoulders. Can confidently say that I've gotten stronger and I haven't had any headache or numbing pain for a while now! Dean is very friendly, empathetic, and knowledgeable to find solutions to your pain point. He works with you so that your recovery is sustainable.

UFIT is conveniently located in Club St with great facilities. Would definitely recommend UFIT and Dean as physiotherapist (especially if your insurance covers it!)

KangWei LeeUFIT Physio Client | Club Street, Singapore

UFIT @ Club Street has very clean facilities, and its staff are professional and friendly. My physiotherapist Vik is patient and professional, and can explain concepts well in layman terms. Thanks to him, I have been seeing clear improvements in my injured knee. Extremely satisfied with my experience here and would definitely recommend people to try out their services.

Gaurav BaggaUFIT Physio Client | Club Street, Singapore

I have been consulting with Vik from UFIT Club Street for a couple of months now. There has been remarkable improvement to my condition and I have now been able to go back to an active lifestyle.

Vik is very methodical in his approach and uses a combination of massage, stretching and strength training to trigger recovery. He truly cares about clients - this is quite evident from the prep work and thinking he had already done prior to each session.

One thing that stands out is that Vik does not carpet bomb clients with exercises and treatments. He spends a lot of time diagnosing exactly which muscle group is injured and then focuses effort on treating those.

Highly recommended and grateful for the support.

Cindy Joanna LeeUFIT Physio Client | Club Street, Singapore

Went for a physio therapy session with Nic Tan and it was a lovely experience. I have been suffering with stiffness in my ankle and limited mobility for 4 months ever since I have twisted my ankle. Nic Tan was my assigned physiotherapist and he was very patient and thorough in examining and explaining my condition. Due to his knowledge and professionalism, I found out that there were more issues in affecting the stiffness and mobility. As such, he was able to share a detailed recovery plan which includes strengthening other weakened areas for better and sustainable results. He still went to the extra mile to send me the link to get the right resistance band to do my recovery exercises. It has been 2 months since then and I have regained my ankle mobility. At the same time, my overall strength and flexibility has improved. Highly recommend!

Isobel TanUFIT Physio Client | Orchard, Singapore

I highly recommend Nada at Ufit for injury-related physio and rehab.

I injured the lateral collateral ligament and meniscus in my knee around 2 months ago, and on our first meeting, Nada was very thorough in assessing the damage, from pain to mobility and range of motion.

More than that, she understands that as a final goal, I want to get back to training in the sport I love, and her exercise program for me is tailored to that. The exercises she has introduced me to in the past 2 months were progressive and based on what I could commit to based on my injury, from initial exercises focusing on strength, to stability, range of motion, and finally dynamic and lateral movements. At no time did I feel uncomfortable however, as she paid close attention to how my knee held up doing the exercises, and would tailor them accordingly depending on my progress.

Nada is also really cheerful and friendly, not to mention patient and understanding, so I always feel comfortable and assured in my sessions with her.

In the past 2 months, not only has my knee appeared to make an almost full recovery, but both my legs are actually stronger and more stable than even before my injury. Am really appreciative for this!

Ellise GreeneUFIT Physio Client | Orchard, Singapore

Such a positive experience at this clinic, can not rate highly enough - have been going regularly for 6+ months. The staff know their sh*t, are incredibly professional and friendly which is why I keep coming back.

I originally started seeing Gaya (physio) for pain management with my back which she quickly identified as linking back to ankle injury/surgery 6+ years ago. Gaya is ruthless in her technique but she knows what she's doing and felt so good after her sessions.

I soon then started seeing Lucy Warren (physio, pilates rehab specialist) who developed a rehab program to not only strengthen my back/core but help with realignment and strengthening of many muscles that had weakened over time as a result of this injury and have since seen great improvement in not only my back but overall wellbeing.

Sarah MuradUFIT Physio Client | City Hall, Singapore

The physiotherapy sessions with Ian have helped me a lot with all the issues I was facing. I look forward to each session, he really fixes you! 100% recommended!

Nicholas LamUFIT Physio Client | City Hall, Singapore

Experienced, professional & effective! Was never a believer of physiotherapy but Ian’s treatment methods have been highly effective, and I am now a convert. Thank you!

Sharon McgrathUFIT Physio Client | one-North, Singapore
I’ve just had my first osteopathy appointment with Zoe and I can’t be happier! My knee is completely resolved. I was very impressed by her professionalism, her efficiency and politeness and will answer questions you have. I can only recommend!
Joro Cruz UFIT Physio Client | one-North, Singapore

Have been coming to UFIT one-north and seeing Sahail Malik for various sports-related injuries. I appreciate that each session is systematic and specifically tailored to my needs. From assessment, to rehab, to long-term strengthening and injury prevention; Sahail is knowledgeable and ensures everything we do has the highest impact and relevance for me. Aside from the physical aspect of the physiotherapy, I also appreciate getting to learn a lot about sports rehab and overall well-being with each visit.

The atmosphere here is great and everyone is very welcoming. I highly recommend UFIT and Sahail for your physiotherapy needs!

Shunsiung ShihUFIT Physio Client | one-North, Singapore
I have been seeing Sahail for physiotherapy after shoulder surgery. The recovery is well on track, thanks to his treatment plan that is at right pace and adjust according to the progress. Great staff, location and equipment . Would recommend to anyone who needs physiotherapy.
Jin SeoUFIT Physio Client | Club Street, Singapore

I’ve been training here with Dean for about couple of months now. Initially went in to rehabilitate from my bike accident that injured my shoulder. Not only did he help me recover but strengthen my upper body to a stage I’ve never been before!! Super happy about the results and genuinely having fun at the sessions.

+ the shower facilities are best I’ve seen all around the world. Can easily take a shower and go about your day, which is a huge plus.

Lynette TengUFIT Physio Client | Club Street, Singapore

I am currently doing my physiotherapy with Dean. I went to him for chronic backaches. I wasn't able to stand up for too long without feeling the urge to bend and arch my back. Also, I can't sit for too long after which I have problem straightening my back. Dean has been very patient and able to pin point the correct spots which we began to work on. Thanks to him, my conditions have been improved greatly!

Pankaj ChauhanUFIT Physio Client | Club Street, Singapore
Had a physio session at UFIT with Nic Tan for a nagging shoulder issue plaguing me since 4-5 years. Within 2 sessions, he helped me cure that issue. I am now able to use my shoulder normally for throwing/ gym, workouts, which was not the case earlier. Nic Tan, the physio, is quite experienced and was able to understand the problem in my shoulder and helped me tackle it through specific exercises. Cannot recommend enough.
Jose GranjoUFIT Physio Client | Club Street, Singapore

With Nicholas Tan I was able to heal my hamstring injury that was going on for 2 months, and at the same time thinking long term to prevent it from happening again! He was flexible and attentive to adapt the process and open to answer any questions.

Jimmy EvansUFIT Physio Client | Club Street, Singapore

The physiotherapy from Jade was excellent I had a full knee replacement 1st April and the support and guidance from Jade had me walking without aid within two weeks and now after nine weeks I have full movement and have started cycling and about to start running again Thank you Jade for all your support.

Charissa HeUFIT Physio Client | Club Street, Singapore

Senior Physiotherapist Nicholas Lange is awesome, dedicated, knowledgeable, personable and a highly qualified expert in his field. He came highly recommended from my pole dance instructor and studio. I injured my left obliques and right arm and I am thankful Nick was extremely accommodating to accede to my request to see me the very next day after my injury at my preferred time slot. He listens to my injuries and customised a successful therapy plan to ease my injuries. When I first saw him I was extremely broken and discouraged, I couldn’t do basic movement like twist my body or even carry my baby that’s the serious extent of my injury. Nick was very skilful he successfully helped to release all my trigger points and catered some exercises that’s I can conduct at home.

After the first session, I could slowly move my waist again and the pain has reduced. There’s absolutely no hard sell from Nick at all which is what I also appreciate, he was most sincere in assisting me to recover my range of movements so that I can exercise again. He shared post exercise recovery plans with me to mitigate future injuries as well. I just consulted Nick for a second session and I am happy to report I’m definitely on road to speedy recovery my pain has significantly reduced to close to zero now, and I can comfortably do simple abs exercises that Nick has tailored for me. Highly recommend Nick to all for therapy he’s my go-to therapist now! He’s definitely a gem and a true asset to ufit club street!

Jill CooperUFIT Physio Client | Club Street, Singapore

Senior physio Jade is incredible - she listens, changes treatment when something isn’t working, easy to communicate with, willing to fit you into her schedule and is very good at her job. She helped diagnose, treat (in conjunction with surgery) and recover from a slipped disk last year and I’ve never felt better. She’s my go to physio when anything feels wrong and she gets me back into shape to continue living my life. The facilities are close to the CBD and have tons of space for rehab and other training.

Rebecca LewisUFIT Physio Client | Club Street, Singapore

I've been going to UFIT for years for both PT and physio, and I rate it highly for both. I stopped going for PT when the coach I was with left Singapore, but I have continued going to see Jade for physiotherapy, both before and after I had a discectomy in April 2021. Jade is incredible, and her knowledge and experience with spinal injuries means I am now stronger and lifting more weight than I have ever achieved before. Beyond her professional skills, she is a wonderful person with an infectious love for the job and killer bants. Highly recommend, and I wouldn't go to anyone else!

Summer ChoonUFIT Physio Client | Orchard, Singapore

Experience was great, from the reception to the treatments. My physio, Nada was professional and detailed in diagnosing my problems. We had a structured programme across a few months that helped me change my bad posture habits and strength my body. These exercises are simple enough to execute everyday and it makes a whole lot of difference. Glad to say I'm finally rid of the pain I had!

Huang ChenyangUFIT Physio Client | one-North, Singapore

I have been visiting Ufit regularly for months. I always come to Zoe for Osteopathy as part of my recovery after running training. The sessions really work well and help me from preventing injury. Highly recommend!

Your Road To Recovery

Fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you. 
Consult with one of our highly qualified Physiotherapists so we can assess and understand your needs and goals.
Make an achievable treatment plan together.
Start your treatment and enjoy the improvements as you progress!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can physiotherapy help me?

Physiotherapy is a science-based profession that aims to prevent, assess and treat problems relating to movement that might (but not always) be associated with injury, illness, pain or surgery. Physiotherapy is a holistic therapy that aims to discover the root cause and relieve pain/stiffness, improve movement and optimise health and wellbeing.

At UFIT, our key pillar is the use of exercise therapy and education to empower patients to take control of their health and recovery. We consider all factors that may affect your recovery: movement, sleep, nutrition, mindset and rest.

How do I find the right Physiotherapist for me?

Please be reassured that all of our therapists have broad training and skills and can appropriately manage most musculoskeletal or orthopaedic conditions. Most of our therapists have specific interests in certain conditions or therapies and this may help. If you have no preference, our team is excellent at steering you towards a suitable choice.

What should I expect for my first appointment? What should I wear?

Your first appointment will involve taking a thorough and detailed history of your condition. An examination of your movement, flexibility, strength and the integrity of your joints and muscles will take place. This will require moving and potentially completing exercises. Suitable activewear and footwear that you would use for exercise are recommended. Your therapist may need to view the area directly, therefore appropriate clothing is recommended to enable this (shorts / short sleeves top for example).

Following your appointment, your therapist will be able to explain to you what is contributing to your current condition and outline a treatment plan to optimise reaching your goals.

How long does a session last?

Our sessions are usually 45 or 60 minutes. Longer sessions are recommended if the injury is complex (e.g. multiple body areas affected / a long term injury) or if exercise therapy is recommended. If you are unsure, we would recommend booking a 45-minute consultation and discussing the optimal appointment length for your specific condition and treatment plan with your therapist.

Do I need physiotherapy or another service?

Physiotherapists are movement and exercise specialists. They treat a variety of problems with muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. If you are experiencing a pain or limitation in movement in one of these body areas, a physiotherapist can help. As first-contact practitioners, they are also expertly trained to screen for other pathology or disease that may require referral to a doctor or other specialist for further testing and diagnostics.

As an integrated Health and Fitness company, we also have the pleasure of working alongside other Health and Wellness professionals. If we aren’t the right service for you - we can point you in the direction of where you need to go.

How often will I require treatment and what type of treatment will I receive?

This is dependent on a variety of factors such as the nature of your injury and associated problems, current healing stage, treatment received to date and your own specific health status and treatment plan. Mapping out an optimum treatment protocol can usually be done after 1-2 sessions, once your therapist has a solid understanding of you, your condition and how your body is responding to therapy.

What are the different payment options

Credit Card, NETS and Bank Transfer.

We also work with a select number of partners to offer exclusive direct billing services.

Do I need to see a doctor first?

No. You do not need to see a doctor prior to consulting with a physiotherapist, however some insurance policies commonly state that a referral from a GP or specialist is required to qualify for reimbursement. Please check with your insurance policy.

As first-contact practitioners, physiotherapists are expertly trained to screen for other pathology or disease that may require referral to a doctor or other specialist for further testing and diagnostics.

Do I need to get an X-ray or scan first? No. This is not required and has surprisingly been shown to prolong recovery. If a scan or further tests are required, your physiotherapist will indicate this to you and also be able to provide the context of what may change as a result of getting the test.
What training do your therapists have?

Our physiotherapists have completed rigorous academic and clinical training. All have attained a bachelors or masters degree in Physiotherapy and have registered with the Allied Health Professions Council - the regulatory body for Health Professionals in Singapore.

Many of our therapists have completed post-graduate training in a variety of areas including Sports Physiotherapy and Pain Management. You can be assured that our therapists are safe, competent and well-qualified.

Is the cost of therapy covered by my health insurance?

The cost of physiotherapy is usually redeemable against the outpatient physiotherapy or post-inpatient rehabilitation benefit on your health insurance. Terms and conditions vary widely between insurers and levels of insurance so you are recommended to verify exact details of coverage and limits directly with your insurer.

We work with a select group of insurance companies to offer direct billing services. Please enquire with any of our customer service team to check eligibility.

Do you accept direct billing?

We work with select partners and offer direct billing services to their clients. We currently have an established direct billing relationship with AETNA, Allianz and Cigna. Please enquire to learn how you can enjoy the benefits of this service.