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Small Group Personal Training

Want access to highly experienced personal trainers for a fraction of the cost? Our Small Group Personal Training package means that you can train in a group of up to three friends for just $85+ per person. The best part? The package is flexible, so each person in the group only gets charged for the sessions they attend. 

Not only is training with friends more fun, it's more motivational and effective at getting results as you can hold each other accountable! Our trainers will take time to understand your goals as a collective, making sure each session is challenging and interesting for everyone. 

Enquire below to find out more and book a group consultation. 


Book your group in for a free gym tour and health consultation

4 Steps To Ignite Your Greatness

Fill out the form below and we will book you in for a call with one of our team, so we can understand the needs and goals of your group, and find out which Personal Trainer is right for you.
Meet a UFIT fitness professional at one of our state-of-the-art gyms for a complimentary health and fitness consultation. We will work with your group to create a bespoke training program that meets your collective goals. 
Once you’ve committed, we will share your goals, needs and health metrics with your chosen personal trainer, who will design a bespoke and challenging program that addresses your groups' fitness goals.
Start your personal training programme with your chosen PT, meet the UFIT community, and get all the tools you need to complete your goals and ignite your greatness!


Our team of highly-qualified personal trainers, physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, nutritionists, exercise physiologists and inspired health, fitness and sports professionals all work side by side to provide a holistic and integrated approach. 

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How many people can I train with?

You can train as a group of 2 or 3 people. We will make the sessions as flexible as possible for your group, and our trainers know how to make a session challenging and interesting for everyone there.

If you want to train with a larger group, please enquire through the form and we will work out a plan for you. 

Where can I train? We have personal training in Singapore available at the following locations: Club Street, Orchard Road, City Hall, and one-north. Our gyms are open seven days a week, with sessions by appointment only.
Can I choose my personal trainer? You are matched with your PT on the following criteria:
  • Your goals: What do you want to achieve your health and fitness goals, and what do you need to do to get there.
  • Your preferred training style: Do you prefer strength-based barbell work, a more functional style, or more cardio-based workouts? Do you prefer a gradual, programmed approach, or a more fun and varied experience? 
  • Availability: What are your preferred training days and times, and which coaches are available then? 
  • Trainer preference: Do you prefer a male or female personal trainer? Have you got a preference for a specific coach that you’ve seen online or heard about? 
  • Budget: Do you have a specific budget in mind for your Personal training package? 

Don’t worry if you’re not sure of the answers to some of these questions - we will walk you through all these steps in your Health Consultation! 

What is the difference between the different level of personal trainers?

We have four different levels of personal trainers at UFIT: Coach, Senior Coach, Advanced, and Elite.

The difference between the coaches is their experience in the industry, their qualifications, and the results they have demonstrated with their clients at UFIT.

However, please don’t stress - all of our coaches at UFIT are amazing. It is more important to find a coach you click with, available at the right times and within your budget, than what level they are at.

Which PT packages are on offer? We have 12, 25 and 50 PT packages available. All sessions are 1-hour long. 
How much does it cost? Group Personal Training costs around $85-$95 per person, depending on the group size (2-3 people), level of coach and size of Personal Training package.
How many times a week should I train? This is a tough question, and essentially comes down to your availability and budget! What we know for sure is that the more sessions you commit to in a week, the quicker you will get to where you want to be on your health and fitness journey. Most of our clients commit to 2-3 sessions a week to really see an impact.
Do you provide nutrition plans?

Our personal trainers do not provide nutrition plans, but they will be happy to provide nutrition guidance - advice on when and what to eat around training sessions, suggested daily calorie intake and macro proportions, and practical strategies to avoid common pitfalls. 

If you require more guidance and support with your nutrition, we have experts who are available to work with you on a one-to-one basis to design an individualised nutrition plan for you to help you achieve your goals.

What times can I train?

Our personal trainers are available from 6am to 9pm - just let us know your desired times and we will see who is available to coach you!

Are there expiry dates on the Personal Training packages?

We want you to get results, so we ask that you commit to a minimum of one session a week. As such, the expiry on your packages will mirror this: a 12 pack has a 12 week expiry, a 25 pack has a 25 week expiry, etc. 

If you need to put a pause on your package because of sickness, injury or travel, please speak to your coach and they will help you arrange this!

Are there any membership fees or hidden costs? There are no membership fees or hidden costs. All our personal training sessions are sold as packages to offer you the best flexibility possible.


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