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Phil Snowden

Personal Trainer

Phil Snowden is a Personal Trainer who first got into fitness when he joined the army, which eventually led to other sporting pursuits such as running, rowing, mountain biking, BJJ, and MMA. Phil specializes in training with target-driven-results-orientated men, that would like to drop their body fat to a minimum of 15%, or drop at least 10kg of weight. Basically, look great at work and feel confident with your top off on the beach. Beyond looking good aesthetically, he gets a buzz from helping his 'guys' feel good about themselves and becoming superheroes to the family.

Outside of the gym, Phil is surprisingly terrified of mayonnaise but loves ultra-endurance challenges that test the body and mind. 


  • Functional Master Trainer Active IQ Level 3
  • Award in Assessing Vocationally Active IQ
  • Level 3 Award Educating and Training No1
  • Fitness Education: Nutrition Coaching Level 1
  • Diploma Precision Nutrition Coaching Level 1 Poliquin Bio-signature Modulation
  • Practitioner Level 1 British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation GP Referral and special populations
  • Certificate in Advanced Functional Therapy
  • Certificate in Sports Specific Hypnosis MMA Gym
  • Instructor Level 1 REP’s Level 4 Trainer
  • Master Trainer in Corrective Exercise
  • Master Trainer in Sports Performance
  • Certificate in Sports Conditioning Advanced
  • Instructor Level 1 Certified Metabolic Typing
  • Fitness-Advanced Functional Trainer
  • Certificate TRX Instructor’s Certificate
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