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Class Coach, Yoga Teacher & Personal Trainer

Aly is a Hatha yoga teacher and Personal Trainer with nearly a decade's worth of experience practicing and 4 years teaching. Wanting to maintain the integrity of the practice, she travelled to Rishikesh, India to study yoga right from the source, believing that this practice is not something that can be picked up from just any course. She has since returned to Rishikesh to continue studying and working with other yoga teachers. She now brings this practice to all of her clients internationally, believing that yoga can bring many benefits to her clients other than just being flexible and learning to do “cool” poses.

Aside from classes, she works with clients who have goals around improving their personal practice, flexibility, mobility and learning how to better use their bodies. Her classes are suitable for all levels, believing there is no such thing as being "not flexible enough"

"Man's duty is to improve himself, to cultivate his mind; and when he finds himself ging astray, to bring the moral law to bear upon himself."

Immanuel KantPhilosopher


  • 200Hr Tantric Hatha Yoga, OmPeople Yoga
  • Certified Personal Trainer, ACE
  • Level 1 Kettlebell Certification, ACE
  • Certified Aquaspin instructor, Aquaspin Pte Ltd
  • WAV - The Heart of yoga, Mantra and Bhakti, OmPeople Yoga
  • 300 Hr Tantric Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification, OmPeople Yoga 
  • Pre and Post Natal Personal Trainer, Girls Gone Strong
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"Aly’s sessions are one of a kind. The setting of Botanic Gardens is an added effect to the calmness she brings into class (that I’ve been to). I always have at least one new thing to learn from each session, especially in feeling & freeing my body from tension. Her smile will brighten anyone’s day & her stretch classes are effective. If you’re looking for someone to restore energy back into the body, Aly is your girl!"

Claire ParsonsClient


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- Valid on all Indoor, Outdoor & Tennis Burn classes (excluding Reformer Pilates & Tennis Clinics)
- 7 days commences from the day of your first class
- New customers only