Leigh Withers


Leigh Personal Trainer Singapore


I have always enjoyed being active and started lifting weights when I was 14 (My gran bought me a set of Welder dumbbells for Xmas and I was inspired by all things Arnie and Rocky!). This progressed to a home gym and then eventually (the year of my first Ibiza holiday with the lads coincidentally) my first gym membership.

Armed with my copy of Muscle and Fitness I would train chest and arms. A lot!

And the progress was shall we say ‘slow and steady’.

Fast forward to 27 years of age, I finished playing football and really picked up the love for weight training and developing my nutrition knowledge and decided to leave my career as a financial accountant to pursued a career in the fitness industry.

I have just entered my FORTH DECADE and I know what it takes to maintain healthy testosterone levels, build LEAN muscle mass and how to keep my bodyfat levels in check. 

  • Is it easy? Not always
  • Does it have to be complicated? Not really
  • Can I get results in my 40s? Absolutely. 

Now more than ever I TRULY understand what challenges my clients face and have both the FIRST HAND experience and KNOWLEDGE of how to OVERCOME these challenges. I feel your PAIN and know what it is like to be:

  • A new DAD with the weight of your NEW WORLD on your shoulders
  • The pressure of building a new business and moving country
  • Dealing with NIGGLY shoulders and LOWER BACK pain
  • Making sense of all the information thrown at your form the ONLINE EXPERTS
  • Not seeing the BODY you want despite working HARD and eating ‘CLEAN’

Using the 5 Pillars of Health and Performance for both ‘in-person’ and ‘online’ with my AMAZING clients we ACHIEVE amazing RESULTS in all areas of life and body composition.

I see it as my mission to educate my clients on The 5 Pillars Of Health and Performance so they can create THEIR OWN JOURNEY to becoming THEIR OWN HERO.


  • Joe De Franco & Jim Smith Certified Physical Preparation Specialist Level 1 & 2
  • StrongFirst Kettlebell
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Active IQ Sports Massage Therapist
  • Active IQ GP Exercise Referral
  • John Rusin PPSC
  • Muscle Nerds Nutrition Foundation
  • Muscle Nerds Program Design
  • Mobility WOD Practitioner
  • OPEX Movement Assessment
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • Phil Learney Business Master Class
  • Functional TRX Trainer
  • Active IQ Suspension Trainer
  • Active IQ Spin Certified
  • Olympic Lifting Certified
  • VFA Kettlebell Instructor Award
  • Training for Warriors Level1
  • Boxercise Instructor award
  • SAQ Award