Leigh Withers

Hub Manager at UFIT Club Street & Personal Trainer

From the age of 27, Leigh transitioned from playing football to weight training and developed his nutrition knowledge. Leigh left his career as a financial accountant and pursued a career in the fitness industry.

Over the years, Leigh knows what it takes to maintain healthy testosterone levels, build lean muscle mass and how to keep body fat levels in check. He sees it as his mission to educate his clients on The 5 Pillars Of Health and Performance so they can create their own journey to becoming their own hero - tackling a series of modern-day barriers to achieving a healthy lifestyle such as constantly feeling tired and lacking motivation, dealing with recurrent aches and pains, being overloaded with fitness information online and not seeing the body that you want despite the hard work and clean eating.


  • Joe De Franco & Jim Smith Certified Physical Preparation Specialist Level 1 & 2
  • StrongFirst Kettlebell
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Active IQ Sports Massage Therapist
  • Active IQ GP Exercise Referral
  • John Rusin PPSC
  • Muscle Nerds Nutrition Foundation
  • Muscle Nerds Program Design
  • Mobility WOD Practitioner
  • OPEX Movement Assessment
  • Phil Learney Business Master Class
  • Functional TRX Trainer
  • Active IQ Suspension Trainer
  • Active IQ Spin Certified
  • Olympic Lifting Certified
  • VFA Kettlebell Instructor Award Training for Warriors Level1
  • Boxercise Instructor award
  • SAQ Award
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