Noa Harari



Noa has been practicing as a Clinical Nutritionist for the last ten years. Her specialties include weight loss, Celiac disease, digestive system problems and metabolic diseases.

Noa understands that no human being resembles another.  She believes that each one of us is created differently and has different needs. She recognises that the best way to get long term results is by creating a personalised program for each individual client. Noa focuses on providing the right moral support for all her clients, combined with a customised nutritional program. Through this, Noa assists her clients to change their lives for the best – improving their health, energy levels, sleep, and overall wellbeing. 

Physical exercise has always been an important part of Noa’s life. Noa is excited to have the opportunity to work within the UFIT community – a community that understands the importance of being active and working as a team to assist all clients to live a healthier life.


  • BSC Nutrition

  • ND Naturopathy

  • Medical Herbalist

  • BSC Human resources