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Build a comprehensive program incorporating multiple services & get a team of specialists working together for you 

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Meet our team of highly-qualified coaches & clinicians who work together to get you the best results

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Check out the inspiring stories of clients who have achieved life changing results

Get rewarded for every person you refer to UFIT

Find out the story behind UFIT and our vision, mission and purpose

Get access to exclusive offers and discounts from our partners

Unlock free sessions forever with your program as part of UFIT Rewards

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Our flagship hub, located in the heart of the CBD

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Clinic only, located on the 6th floor of Orchard Central mall

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Our City Hall hub is located on the 8th floor of Fairmont Hotel

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Our one-north hub is located at 1 Fusionopolis Place 

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Intro pass for  new clients only

Personal Training with client

Build a comprehensive, personalised program incorporating any service in our Circle of Care

Class credits can be used to book indoor, outdoor, 3:1 reformer pilates classes & tennis clinics

Get a monthly membership for classes and train as many times as you want

Valid on any UFIT service, buy a gift card for a loved one to try our services
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What is UFIT Rewards?

We know that true results can only come from consistency, so we want to start rewarding those  who remain dedicated to the pursuit of their long term goals.  So, to celebrate these clients, we are excited to announce our brand new rewards program - UFIT Rewards. 

Moving forward, every client who completes 2 consecutive cycles of our 4 week or 6 week program and enrolls in their third cycle will unlock a free extra session in that third cycle - and with every consecutive program cycle after that. 

The best part is as long as you don’t cancel your subscription - you’ll unlock a free 13th session with every consecutive program cycle to level up your fitness game!

How To Qualify For UFIT Rewards

New to UFIT Programs?
Welcome! All you have to do is purchase a 4 week or 6 week program. Once you've completed 2 consecutive cycles and enrolled in your third cycle, and you'll automatically qualify for a free extra session in that cycle - and with every consecutive cycle you complete until you cancel. Fill in the form below to get started.
I'm currently on a 12 Flexi Pack

Time to upgrade! UFIT Rewards is only available for 4 week and 6 week program members, so upgrade and you will qualify for a free session when you enroll in your 3rd consecutive cycle! Simply speak to your coach or the front desk to help you upgrade. 

I'm already on a 4 or 6 week program
Great! As long as you complete 2 consecutive cycles and enroll in your third cycle, you will automatically qualify for a free 13th session with your current program cycle - and with every consecutive cycle after that until you cancel!

Your hard work & consistency should be rewarded

In our experience, the 10-12 week point in a health and fitness program is usually a time where an injection of motivation is needed to keep you going - and those who are able to move past this point are more successful in forming long-term habits and hitting their goals. The free session is designed to give you an extra push. 

Use The Extra Session For
Any of our Circle Of Care Services

The Circle of Care includes all the following 1-1 services:

Mobility improved
Mobility Training
Mobility Training

How To Use The Free Session

When you qualify for the reward, you can use the free session in two different ways:

Use it for yourself

Add in an extra PT session to your training program, or try out any other 1-1 service in our Circle of Care. Note - your program cycle expiry date won't change, so make sure you book in the extra session beforehand. 

Gift it to a friend

Don't have time to fit in an extra session? Don't worry - you can gift it to a friend or family member, but they must use it before your program cycle expires. Speak to your coach or the front desk to arrange this and book them in. 


Enquire about getting a 4 or 6 week program


Is UFIT Rewards available on other services?

Currently, UFIT Rewards is only available for 1-1 and Group PT clients on a 4 or 6 Week Program. Those with a 12 Flexi package or an all-class membership are required to upgrade. 

Can I upgrade half way through my 12 Flexi Package?

Yes you can! Don't worry, you won't lose any sessions. You can convert your leftover sessions to a 4 or 6 Week Program (a top up may be required). Speak to your coach or a rep at the front desk to help you with this. 

Will the expiry date change when I qualify for the reward?

The expiry dates of the 4 and 6 week Program won't change when you qualify for UFIT Rewards, so make sure you book in your free session before the cycle renews. A reminder that the 6 week program has a 6 week expiry, and the 4 week program has a 4 week expiry.

What happens if I don't get through all 13 sessions in the validity period?

We get it - life is busy! Sometimes it is hard to get through all the sessions in the prescribed time. Don’t worry, you have a couple of options available to you: 

Freeze your program: You may freeze your program once per 12 sessions for up to 4 weeks. If you are traveling or sick, this is the best option for you. Simply email to request a freeze, and they will handle the back end admin for you. 

Roll-over sessions: You may roll over up to four sessions from one program to the next, provided you have purchased another set of 12 sessions. Please note, only a maximum of four sessions can ever be rolled over from one program to the next, and the roll-over only happens if the next set of 12 has been purchased.

Gift sessions: You may gift up to three sessions per cycle to a friend or family member, who can use it to try any of our Circle of Care services. They will have to book in before your program cycle expires though, otherwise the sessions will be lost.

Will freezing affect qualifying for UFIT Rewards? No, so long as you only freeze your program within our T&Cs (once per 12 sessions for a maximum of 4 weeks), you will still qualify for UFIT Rewards if you keep completing consecutive program cycles.
What is the session duration of the other services in the Circle of Care?

- Personal Training - 60 mins
- Pilates - 60 mins
- Massage Therapy - 60 mins
- Nutrition Consultation – 45 mins
- Health, Fitness, Performance Screens - 60 mins
- Physiotherapy - 45 mins
- Osteopathy - 45 mins
- Pilates with Physiotherapist - 45 mins
- Sports Doctor Consultation - 30 mins

Is it mandatory to use the free session for other services in the Circle of Care? By no means is it mandatory to use any of our other 1-1 services during your program. If you wish to just continue with Personal Training then that's absolutely fine! Your coach will recommend which other professionals you should see based on your goals and preferences.
How do I book in for the other services in the Circle of Care? Speak to your coach, Whatsapp +65 9489 1136, or book in at the front desk. At the start of your program, you will sit down with your coach to map out what other sessions you want from UFIT, and also what you need to really support you in achieving your goals. Together, you can then create your weekly schedule and book in your sessions with the relevant professionals.
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