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UFIT Singapore 14 Sep 2021 3 min read

September Champion: Adam Gilbert

Let’s give it up for Adam Gilbert, our September Champion!


This year, Adam came to Personal Trainer, Chris Hodges and Nutritionist Pamela Ibarra with three main goals:

  1. To drop below 20% body fat 
  2. To increase muscle mass from 36kg to 40kg 
  3. To improve hip mobility and strength to be able to move pain free 


Fast forward just six months, and he’s smashed all three! Adam has lost 4% body fat (now 19.3%), gained 5kg of muscle mass, he can finally walk pain free, and he’s able to perform movements he wouldn’t have dreamt of a few years ago.


The best part? With this holistic approach, he’s managed to build sustainable habits, without sacrificing his social life or alcohol! We hear from Adam on how he’s found it and why he keeps coming back for more...


What was your biggest achievement over the last month?

“When I first met Chris, we had to go back to basics. He re-taught me how to use my body and showed me that I really knew nothing about looking after myself.  As we progressed through our fifth together, we decided that we needed a different goal to lifting progressively heavier and heavier bits of tin. The only logical next step was to aim to be chiselled and he gently guided me in to talk to one of UFIT’s Nutritionists, Pamela. With her advice and regular measurements (shirt off and fat pinching the callipers), I began to learn what I could and could not put in my body.  After a year with Pamela, I have shed 4.5% body fat while maintaining my body weight, essentially exchanging the fat for lean muscle.”


How have Pamela and Chris helped you to reach your goals?

“I think the most important thing that Pamela taught me is how calorie intensive a whopper of a bender really is. If your calorie deficit target is 400/day; that is very hard to achieve when one of the days is an almighty full day session with pudding and double amarettos. I’ve limited these events to no more than one a week, as well as consistently not ordering chips at Lukes. 

Chris has adjusted my programme to accommodate my needs too. It's not easy to do single leg RDL’s with a left foot that is flatter than the planes of Kansas - he has always been there with a  balance stick to stop me falling flat on my face. He is also highly receptive to my needs and when something isn’t feeling quite right he knows exactly what to push or pull to make it feel nice again.”



What do you love about your training? What keeps you turning up for your sessions? 

“Now that Chris and I have been together for five years, I would have to say that we have become very close and I consider him a friend. I love his banter and the way he stretches me to just the right point but not too far.  His taste in music is excellent too and he never fails to pick an uplifting track from his playlists to get me going when I am lacking motivation. I feel great after my hour-long sessions with him and have a renewed vigour to face the day.”


Do you need help structuring your training, nutrition and lifestyle habits? Get in touch with us today! Our team of highly qualified coaches will design a training program that is specifically tailored for you, based on your lifestyle, medical history, diet, and potential injuries. The stage is set. Your time is now!



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