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How can a personal trainer help you?

We help you find the perfect personal trainer to suit your schedule, your needs and address your fitness goals. 

Our aim as a team is to push your mental and physical performance further and help you pull your full potential quickly and safely. Whether it is fat loss, muscle building, athletic performance or injury rehab we have the expertise to meet your needs; Your training will revolve around your personal lifestyle, making incremental changes that impacts exponential transformations. At UFIT, we understand it is about you - it is personal.

We work with a holistic approach to health and fitness with 3 integrated Hubs in Singapore. Each one offers you a one-stop shop with access to the leading professionals in the industry, with nutritionists, health coaches, trainers, physiotherapists and rehab specialists. 

Why should you use a Personal Trainer?

We’re not just any gym in Singapore. We’re a gym dedicated to personal training where we see inspiring journeys and results each and everyday. Fitness isn’t something of the moment for us, it’s our personal brand of life. There are a few reasons why you might not be seeing the best results in your gyms, these are just four of them:

  • You're time poor to visit your membership gyms yet your kept paying its fees

  • Your personal needs haven’t been catered the best guidance and expertise by your current fitness regime

  • Exercises aren’t being performed correctly and you’re not activating the correct sets of muscle groups

  • Your mind and body have plateaued into a stagnant routine which means training became less effective

We all live in a fast paced environment trying to balance our work, family and lifestyle with our health not always being at the forefront where it should be. Whether your time poor or wanting to redirect your fitness goals, you need a personalised program to recover your health goals. That’s why at UFIT we follow The UFIT Way. Our approach is about finding the greatness that already exists within you, igniting that fire of motivation, supporting and strengthening them along the path and building on it with every day to keep things fresh to deliver real results. At UFIT, our team of trainers get personal - in a good way.

Come train with us at UFIT

I need a personal trainer


We work collectively with our team of Physiotherapists at the UFIT Clinic to ensure that your journey to recovery is safe, effective and provide you with the necessary platforms to get you back to full health. Our Personal Trainers also work collaboratively with our specialised Nutritionists and Physiotherapy team at the UFIT Clinic for a holistic and personalised approach to health and fitness.


The whole experience is personalised at UFIT, which is why we don’t just allocate you the first free Personal Trainer available. The process is thorough and catered to your individual needs with our Personalised Health Consultation:

WHAT is a ufit personalised health consultation?

  • Your first step is to greatness is a Health Consultation with our Hub Manager
  • You will answer a series of questions about your lifestyle for us to build a profile
  • You will be offered an InBody Scan and blood pressure check – we will provide you with a highly detailed printout of your health metrics* which will then be discussed with your Hub Manager
  • This data forms the basis of building your program with the Hub Manager. You will discuss your health goals and then be prescribed the right course of action or treatment 
  • Once you meet up with your coach, personal trainer or therapist you will also be taken through a series of screening tests to assess mobility before you begin

*InBody Scan Analysis

the importance of health data

Your Health Consultation report will consist of the following: 

  • Body Composition - total body weight broken down into water, protein, minerals, and body fat
  • Muscle to Fat ratio
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Segmental lean mass and fat analysis - body fat and muscle distribution
  • Waist to Hip ratio
  • Visceral Fat
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) - the amount of calories your body requires at rest
  • A total body score out of 100

This data gives us the ability to begin to formulate a fully-rounded profile of our clients, from where we can plan the journey to a healthier you and work together towards igniting and strengthening that greatness. It also means we can measure your progress, provide real tangible results and adjust the plans accordingly if something is not working. 


We pride our personal training competencies on our personal trainers passion, qualifications and experience they have attained from guiding the health journey of thousands in Singapore to ensure you’re going to achieve your fitness goals. Every single member of the team personally brings something unique which enables us to select the best personal trainer suited to your requirements.  

Getting healthier is a complex process and unique to every single person. Everybody starts from a different place and everybody has a different goal. Let us provide you with the tools to help you get fitter, leaner and stronger. 


Our personal training rates vary according to the coaching grades. We do offer multiple packages of personal training to best suit your needs and budget.

With UFIT, we discover your personal brand to create a solid plan catered to your mind, body and lifestyle that will deliver and keep you coming back for more. 


If you don’t know where you start, how do you know whether your training has been effective? If you don’t know your squat depth, how can you tell if you’re more mobile? If are not sure of your body fat percentage or skeletal muscle mass at the beginning of a program, how can you understand if you’re putting on the right kind of weight?

To make sure this is the right place for you we provide a Free Health Consultation for us to learn about your goals, your current exercise program, experience our facilities and introduce you to the team.

Change your life for the better, no more waiting for tomorrow, start today and join UFIT.

Make the difference today with a free health consultation
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