Welcome to UFIT Personal Training

Discover the new you 

We help you find the perfect trainer to suit your schedule, your needs and address your fitness goals. 

Our aim as a team is to push your mental and physical performance further and help you reach your full potential quickly and safely. Whether it is fat loss, muscle building, athletic performance or injury rehab we have the expertise to meet your needs.  

Why should you use a Personal Trainer?

We’re not just any gym in Singapore. We’re a gym dedicated to personal training where we see inspiring journeys and results each and everyday. Fitness isn’t something of the moment for us, it’s our way of life. There are a few reasons why you might not be seeing the best results in your gyms, these are just four of them:

  • You're time poor
  • You haven’t been given the best guidance and expertise by your current Personal Trainer
  • Exercises aren’t being performed correctly and you’re not seeing the benefits
  • Your mind and body have plateaued into a stagnant routine

We all live in a fast paced environment trying to balance our work, family and lifestyle with our health not always being at the forefront. Whether your time poor or wanting to redirect your fitness goals it all drills down to expertise and how your personal trainer can help to motivate you, and customise programs to get you there.  

What makes us different 

We’re an independent fitness provider dedicated to building a healthier lifestyle for the long-term. The core of our business is dedicated to personal training where we’re more than just training - we educate, support, deliver results and build long-lasting friendships part of a wider, infectious community.

We’re here to help you achieve your results to build into a longer sustainable journey ahead, more of a marathon we would say than a quick sprint. We will equip you with everything you need to know to help you get there with personalised programs right through to discussing your motivational preparations to nutritional intake.

Once you’ve taken the first step – you’ll be hooked.

What we do differently with Personal Training

We pride ourselves on our personal trainers qualifications and experience they have to attain to ensure you’re going to achieve your fitness goals. Every single member of the team brings something unique which enables us to select the best personal trainer suited to your requirements.  

We stand apart from your commercial gyms and provide you with the knowledge and expertise of our personal trainers, who are truly exceptional and inspirational. They lead by example pushing their mind and bodies each and every day to the best they can be – we all have goals, why not take the journey with them? To take advantage of the trainers you don’t have to be a certain level of fitness, a gym junkie, body builder or know how to lift weights. Whilst we have the space for athletes to reach their potential, our gyms are also designed for the everyday person.

Let us provide you with the tools to help you get fitter, leaner and stronger. We specifically don’t set our personal trainers any sales targets, which makes sure we hire personal trainers who are passionate and dedicated to delivering the best results for their clients!

Our Personal Trainers also work collaboratively with our specialised Nutritionists and Physiotherapy team at the UFIT Clinic if we feel our clients need further guidance and expertise. See our success stories right here.

What happens if I am returning from injury?

We work collectively with our team of Physiotherapists at the UFIT Clinic to ensure that your journey to recovery is safe, effective and provide you with the necessary platforms to get you back to full health.

Getting started

To make sure this is the right place for you we provide a Free Personal Training session for us to learn about your goals, your current exercise program, experience our facilities and introduce you to the team. Change your life for the better, with no more waiting for tomorrow, start today and join UFIT.