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What I've achieved from my Personal Training

Read the full  Expat Living   feature  here

Read the full Expat Living feature here

Last month, UFIT Personal Training and Bootcamps client Charlotte Freeman spoke to Expat Living magazine about her Personal Training experience with Lachlan Hay at UFIT Amoy

Charlotte does personal training with Lachy three to four times each week, along with Sunday UFIT beach bootcamps with her husband at Tanjong Beach Club.

Her daughter attends the UFIT Kids Holiday Camps and she's also participated in the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge.   



Why she started doing PT

"I needed to lose weight and I wanted to get fit.  After trying to do this on my own I realised I just wasn't seeing the results I wanted. So, I decided I needed to do something different and make an investment in my health and fitness".

"A friend of mine who was looking great recommended her trainer, Lachlan Hay at UFIT on Amoy Street. The next day I had a trial session and never looked back".

Why she loves it

"What I love most about our workouts, hands down, is the variety. I never know what I'm going to be doing when I walk into the gym. We cover a variety of exercises from weightlifting and HIIT to Strongman training and Muay Thai, there's always something different. I also like the fact that having a trainer pushes me to do more than I ever would on my own. I really enjoy working out with Lachlan, even at 6am. He puts a lot of thought and time into designing sessions that he knows will challenge me and are fun to do".

The results

"Where do I start? In the last 14 months, I've lost 25kg, run three half marathons and lifted weights that I never imagined were possible. I feel fit, strong, and most importantly, healthy. I've achieved my original goals and way more. Also, I've learnt two things: firstly, we're able to achieve anything if we want it enough and, secondly, we're capable of way more than we think we are".

What does Lachlan have to say about Charlotte?

"Charlotte is the epitome of Work Ethic. What sets her apart from most is that she does not let her actions contradict her goals. Week after week she strives for better and better, and puts the work in to achieve that. A stellar client whose results are well deserved".

Read the full Expat Living article here.

If you want to go further with your fitness goals or are seeking motivation and guidance from a Personal Trainer, UFIT offers a free trial for clients trying it the first time, from its five locations around Singapore.

Read more about UFIT's qualified, experienced team of Personal Trainers here.






You've done your favourite workouts regularly for years, and think you're in pretty good shape. But when a less athletic friend suggests you go skating along the east coast, you're shocked that you can't keep up.

By incorporating different styles of training into your workout routine - eg mixing bootcamps with some weight-based personal training in the gym and endurance activities such as running, you are setting yourself up to be an excellent all-rounder:

It keeps you motivated

No matter how much passion you have for one type of training, if you do it often enough or with excessive repetition it will become boring. Cross-training helps you maintain your enthusiasm whilst you train better and more consistently.

Anything you can do to increase your motivation to exercise is worth doing. For example, if you don’t feel like doing a MetCon session today, but would be perfectly happy doing a yoga session or just feel like some bodyweight work, then do a bootcamp instead! You'll end up better off than the person who is lacking motivation or does nothing at all.

You improve your whole body fitness

While professional athletic trainers used to believe it was important to work mostly on those muscles directly relating to a particular sport or activity, it is now known that cross training to engage other parts of the body and regenerate overused ones is a much better approach. All sorts of professional athletes, from rugby players to tennis players to swimmers include some kind of cross-training in their regime.

Also including a variety of activity into your routine ensures you will be more functionally active. For example, climbing stairs, bending down to pick up your child or taking the dog for a walk takes much less effort when you're balanced and functionally fit.

Injury Prevention

When we do the same training style repeatedly our body doesn't always get a chance to fully recover between sessions. For example, if you run a lot your ankles, knees, and lower back will take a beating and you should mix that up with strength work to get more out of your related muscle groups and take the pressure off your most vulnerable joints, muscles, and connective tissues.

If you’ve just completed a big race or event after a rigorous training program, doing a completely different style of training will allow your mind and body to have a break and any over-used muscles to rejuvenate.


When an overuse injury does develop, cross-training comes to the rescue by helping you maintain your fitness despite forcing you to correct the cause of the injury. So if you’re in the frustrating position of not being able to train as normal just yet, you can modify your training to maintain your fitness and keep your sanity intact. If you’ve injured your ankle at bootcamp you can work on getting that toned upper body you’ve always wanted in the gym with some weights, whilst you maintain your fitness with the ski-erg. You can do this with our without physiotherapy.

Active Recovery

It’s often forgotten that the most effective training includes rest and recovery. Periods of outright rest are obviously essential, but active-recovery workouts in your program can make you fitter and stronger than somebody who gets too much rest. This is particularly true if you are training more rigorously for a running or endurance event.

Enjoying other activities

The strong heart and good lungs you've gained as a bootcamp lover or CrossFitter could serve you equally well in cycling, cross-country skiing, and other endurance sports.

And at the same you can make new friends, have more fun and build your self-confidence while you try new things. You may even find your next new passion.



Ways to cross-train with UFIT:

You don't need to go very far to keep your training interesting and fulfill your fitness and mobility needs. We've got it all right here!

1. Get stronger with weights at the gym or CrossFit

2. Enhance your fitness and endurance with Bootcamps or CrossFit

3. Energise, strengthen or mobilIse with physio-based PT or yoga.

Look at Steve now - he’s down 55kg in one year

What motivated you to start your UFIT training?

When my daughter was born in January 2016, I weighed over 140kgs and was grossly unfit. I could barely walk without panting and was in such a poor physical state that as she grew up there is no way I would be able to partake in any activities with her.

I moved to Singapore three months later and was sure I was going to focus the majority of my time on losing weight and getting fit. However, as Aaron would be the first to say, our first 3 months were pretty ordinary. My starting weight with UFIT was 136kg, and by the end of June it was closer to 142kg.


My primary impression was that because I had joined UFIT, the results would come - not realising that the majority of the work for any kind of real results comes outside of the gym and with life altering habits.

Around early June my wife had a serious go at me about my situation - it’s not like I didn’t know what my condition was, or the strain I was putting not just myself under but also my family. The real wake up call came from her, who made me realise in that one conversation that I couldn’t go on like that. That I had to make a real life altering change to my eating habits and how I looked at life.



How did you get started?

When first started at UFIT, the thought of being able to manage more than 3 sessions a week was just not possible as I was nowhere close to being fit enough to manage it. I did however think that as I got fitter I would eventually sign up for the BT program, however as my sessions and progress with Aaron continued to hit new levels, we both decided not to change things.

Having said that one of the key reasons why I did end up joining UFIT is that on the website I came across Sunny Gill’s successful body transformation and it inspired me to try and make some changes to my life. Sunny was in the same school as me, and so I could relate and see the improvements that he had made in the year, which made me realise that it was possible to achieve. 


What did your UFIT program consist of? 

I started with 3 PT sessions with Aaron Jones each week, which was a combination of strength training and conditioning. At the beginning, Aaron incorporated both strength and conditioning into the same session as a means to get my overall fitness levels up. We focused mainly on larger body parts and kept accessory work and isolation work down to a minimum. Part of Aaron’s philosophy which I bought into was that isolation work needed to be earned and therefore when I got to certain standards it was something we would work on.

We also took a more controlled approach to my food - specifically cutting out sugar and carbs (getting carbs mainly through vegetables) and also restricting my intake to between 1,200-1,500 cals a day. I tracked what I ate and stuck with the overall process and with time the journey was successful.

Aaron also wanted me to do a minimum of 4/5 fasted cardio sessions every week, which would last between 45 mins to an hour. I felt that this really helped me lose weight and also improved my overall aerobic capacity.


How often did you do train and how was it?

The overall program was challenging! Being in such poor physical condition I found the conditioning aspect the hardest, but having some amount of weight training allowed me to enjoy the training more and more. The fitter I got the more I got into my conditioning and now enjoy it as much as my weights. I started with 3 sessions a week and now have moved to 6 a week.


And what were the results?

I managed to lose a total of 55kg. I dropped my overall body weight from 142kg to 87kg today. I have also managed to hit some performance objectives of being able to run 10km and achieve PRs on all my main compound lifts.

I can’t put into words the ‘intangible' results I have achieved such as confidence, and I have literally become a brand new person.


What motivated you along the way?

From a motivation perspective, I can’t really stress the importance of having someone like Aaron help me through my journey. He was able to keep me focused on my goals and keep my sessions fun but intense. More importantly he was constantly available on the phone and helped guide me through the nutritional maze. Also when I had to travel for work he would constantly be in touch to ensure I got my sessions in. Besides Aaron, I think all the other trainers at UFIT helped me in some way or form. The times I had to use other trainers like Lawrence or Ru they were equally focused with me and helped me to get my results. Other than that I think the overall vibe, atmosphere and banter in the gym is great and really helped me stay focused.


Any stories you can tell us about your personal trainers? 

I train with Aaron and Lawrence Cartwright - that stuff is off the record and downright crazy to talk about. 



Our Body Transformation Program does just that – transforms bodies and lives! It is a 4 week intensive, all-inclusive program, that will get you amazing results in a short amount of time.

Our team of the 'best in class' Personal Trainers, Nutritionists to Psychologists identify your needs and take your journey with you each and every single step of the way. We're there when you need support, motivation and most importantly we are interested in helping you build a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for the future.

Why Fitness is More Fun with a Friend!

One fool-proof way to keep yourself engaged with your workout is to pair up with someone! Just imagine…it’s 5.30am, it’s dark outside and there’s a light rain pattering against the window. All you want to do is stay lying in your comfortable bed, roll over and go back to sleep. But you’ve promised your friend you’ll join them at that new bootcamp this morning. You can’t let them down, can you? So up you get, get dressed and head out to meet your friend.

Now, imagine you didn’t have that friend you were going to meet, how much easier would it have been to just roll over and go back to sleep, just put it off until tomorrow. Tomorrow it’ll be so much easier. And then tomorrow never comes.

This is just one reason why your fitness journey is better and more successful with a friend. Here are four more reasons!

1. Accountability and Support from Others

Having accountability and a social support network are two of the biggest factors that lead to a successful lifestyle change. Knowing you have made a promise to someone else will make you much more likely to follow through and not bail on that bootcamp session. 

The importance of a social support network can easily be seen if you have ever taken part in one of our Clean & Lean Challenges. The support offered within the Facebook group, at the bootcamps and seminars is second to none. Having people around you who are going through the same experience is a great way to stay on track with whatever task you have set yourself.

2. Have Fun and Push Harder

The support doesn’t stop there. Once you are actually at a class, you now have a partner in crime to sweat with and suffer through anything that our coaches can throw at you. Bring a friend along and see how much harder you can push yourself. Working out together is a great way to strengthen any friendship, and gives you something new to discuss when going for that coffee afterwards.

3. Meet New People and Make New Fitness Friends!

Bootcamps are also a great way to make new friends. Get chatting to those sweating around you and before you know it, you might have some great new friends who share similar interests and you can push each other harder each session. 

Exercise is also so much more fun when you have friends to share the experience with! I know from personal experience that training alongside friends just adds another level of enjoyment to the whole experience and you end up working twice as hard with people around you than you would on your own.

4. Train Together, Stay Together

Why not bring your significant other along! Research shows that those who train together, really do stay together! Working out together can strengthen your relationship and enhance sexual attraction! If that’s not a good enough reason to get your partner along, I don’t know what is!

So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend you think would enjoy our UFIT Bootcamps, drop an email to and get them signed up to their first class! We hope to see you and your friends at a session soon!


Get fit, get healthy, get outdoors! Experience bootcamps, yoga, boxing, running classes, female only classes, weight training and obstacle race specific training. Introduction offer: 1 month unlimited package for $99. 


Robynne Smith.jpg

Robynne's passion lies in strength training, conditioning and nutrition. Robynne is a competitive power lifter, currently holding 3 national records in Singapore and aims to build on her own experiences of training when training others. 


Oh sugar! How cauliflower became our third best friend with UFIT's Clean & Lean Challenge

Our amazing dynamic duo Mike Thornton and Trine Kaehler took on the Clean & Lean Challenge in January as a couple to give each other the motivation to stick to the program and avoid any temptations. Hear more about their journey of the four weeks right here. 

 Why UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge?

For both of us, coming off the back of a strong festive season, neither was happy with how we looked in the mirror and we knew it was time to make a change. Mike had undertaken the first C&L challenge back in 2013 and achieved good results so we thought it would be a fun challenge to do by starting off 2017 in the right way and also allowing us to spend more time together in an otherwise busy working schedule. Both of us had our goals in mind however achieving them would take serious commitment!

Week 1: Oh Sugar!

After the first seminar (which are excellent and very informative) and with the same excitement as a kid on their last day of school, we rushed to place a food order containing all the ingredients on the approved menu. Lunch was already planned out, as we are both working full time, Trine would get a salad from the closest Salad Stop every day and myself lunch from The Daily Cut. The tough part was making a food plan for the week (breakfast and dinner) and think out of our old routine. Eggs and cauliflower became our best friend – cauliflower bread, cauliflower fried rice, steamed cauliflower, roasted cauliflower (you name it). We both experienced dips in the first week due to the sugar withdrawal from our diets, Trine’s was immediate while mine (Mike’s) took some time to work in before crashing hard after a 5 a-side football game. Nevertheless, we powered through with the support of the C&L Facebook group. In week 1 we found out how much sugar we had actually been eating before and that there is a massive amount of meals you can make with limited ingredients

Week 2: Carrot-Gate

With the hardest part, over, we looked forward to the reintroduction of new items to the food menu for Week 2. Without giving away too much information, the reintroduction of carrots to the diet made life much easier…it really is the little things! We noticed that Trine was definitely experiencing a pop in energy in the mornings while myself…. well let’s just say on the 5th alarm I at least acknowledged it. We had both been pushing hard in the first half of the C&L, Trine with her Yoga and PT classes (thanks Wendy!) and myself with lunch time workouts and football. By the end of Week 2 we started to see the first signs of changes to our bodies which was exciting and gave us the motivation to keep going.

Week 3: It’s a complex situation, don’t lose your nut!

After pushing so hard in the first 14 days of the challenge it was inevitable that we would reach a burn out / plateau period at some point in the challenge and for both of us, this was week 3. We found ourselves sticking mainly to the Week 1 and 2 diet plan mainly due to our attempts at adding Week 3 foods into our diet plan had made portion control difficult, something Trine is much better at controlling than myself. Nevertheless, on the workout front we continued to do what we could when we could, a highlight of our days being our evening walks around Marina Bay and Gardens by the Bay which kept the clock ticking over while allowing us to clear our minds, evaluate on the day and to discuss what to cook for the next day…. Planning is the key to make C&L a success!

Week 4: Cross the finish line and say cheese!

The final week saw both of us making a big push for the finish line with the intensity of our daily workouts ramped up as the date of our weight out came closer. The introduction of cheese in week four had severely thrown a spanner in the works however apart from a homemade pizza utilising cauliflower crust (this challenge is impossible without cauliflower!!) we did our best to stay away from our favourite snack.

The Weigh Out

Saturday, 11th February, 8:30AM – D-DAY. With the standard “good luck” comments out of the way in our own time we stepped onto the scales…

Trines results:
Weight: 2.6kg
Body Fat: 5.9%

Mikes results:
Weight: 7.4kg
Body Fat: 4.7%


Should you do C&L?

That is a question you are probably asking yourself right now, in short, it depends very much on what you are looking to get out of a four-week diet plan. In our opinion the best way to approach it is to view the C&L as the kick start you need to change your lifestyle habits and not simply as an isolated course, this helps you to keep on the straight and narrow when times are tough. Yes, you will experience headaches, tiredness, nausea and dizziness (am I still selling it to you?) from time to time but once you battle through these short-term difficulties the change to your diet and lifestyle will provide huge upside potential. It doesn’t matter if you are 28 or 58 years old, 50kg or 130kg, each person is on this challenge for their own reasons and the coming together of complete strangers into a supportive community network where you make new friends and change for the positive is worth the admission cost alone.

A huge thank you from both of us to Wendy, Noa and the rest of the UFIT Clean and Lean brigade, these guys put in a HUGE amount of work over the four week period to provide support, assistance and in general “feel good vibes” to everyone on the journey in addition to their already busy lives and it simply would not have been the same without them.

Now, if you are still reading this; get online, get signed up and best of luck in your own C&L challenge – we look forward to reading the next persons story.

Mike & Trine


The 2017 Clean & Lean sessions are happening on March 11 – April 8 (4 weeks), May 20 – June 17 (4 weeks), September 2 – 30 (4 weeks), November 4 – 25 (4 weeks).

UFIT is Singapore’s largest independent fitness community that offers a 360 approach to health and fitness island wide. For more information, visit our website.