3 Reasons why you should be Training Strength as an Endurance Athlete

Strength Training is essential if your main sport or type of training is predominantly endurance based. This includes athletes looking for a personal best in their next endurance event whether it be a marathon or cycling event or recreational runners looking to improve running efficiency. Even if you enjoy long distance walks or enjoy hiking – it is highly recommended to include a resistance (weightlifting) programme into your schedule.

The best fat-burning buddy workout plan

Ever find yourself lacking the motivation or drive to exercise sometimes? Finding a like-minded sweat buddy is the best way to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and reach your true potential. Try this fun (and challenging!) buddy workout plan!

Go sober for October - a challenge from Tom Biggs

There is a lot of pressure on people to drink, and people think you can’t have a good time without drinking. Being a non-drinker, Tom Biggs is used to the negative reaction from people. But for him, the health benefits of quitting alcohol for 2 years are massive.