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Unlock Your Bodys Blueprint With The InBody Test - Blog banner image
UFIT Singapore28 May 20247 min read

Unlock Your Body's Blueprint With The InBody Test

Today, we're delving into the world of InBody scans, the tool for understanding your body composition. Your body tells a unique story through muscles, bones, and that bit of cushion we call fat – and the InBody helps to reveal these secrets. 

Let's discuss why an InBody test is worth your time. It's not just about numbers; it's about you, your health, and achieving those health & fitness goals. So let's unravel the mystery of InBody tests – because understanding your body will be enlightening!

The scan that tells your body’s story

Think of it as if your body is telling you a story about themselves. This InBody scan reveals intricate details like muscle mass, fat percentage, and the unique elements that make up you. 

The InBody scan involves safe, low-level currents coursing through muscles, fat, and water, providing a snapshot of your body's composition. It's like your body saying, "Here's my muscle, here's the fat, and a bit of water too." Why care? It's not just about numbers; it's about understanding your unique canvas.

Why do an InBody scan for your health journey?

In-body Scan

Imagine having a roadmap for your health journey, with the InBody test telling you where you are right now in your health journey. Beyond vanity metrics, it lays the foundation for a healthier, happier you. Unlike a simple scale, the InBody reveals whether you're packing more muscle, more fats, or a balanced amount. 

Our team at UFIT can then transform these insights into a personalized plan, guiding you through workout tweaks and nutrition adjustments tailored to the unique needs of your body. It's about understanding your body's uniqueness and saying goodbye to fitness guesswork. The InBody test brings clarity, letting you confidently navigate your health journey.

InBody Scan Precision

How accurate is the InBody test? It's like having a body x-ray, minus the radiation. It gives you the lowdown on muscle mass, fat percentage, and more with a precision that’s pretty impressive given how easy it is to use it.

Now, let's put it in context. How does the InBody test stack up against other body composition methods? Unlike some methods that might leave you scratching your head, the InBody test has the science behind it, and studies (like the one in the Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition) vouch for its reliability as compared to the gold standard, the DXA scan. It is also much easier to use, less invasive, and does not involve any use of radiation (DXA scan uses a little radiation).

You might have heard whispers about body composition tests being hit or miss. But fear not, the InBody test has a solid track record. Sure, it's not perfect, but it's darn close. And here’s the real talk – if you follow the guidelines, such as no extreme workouts before the test, you're looking at a reliable snapshot of your body's ins and outs.

What an InBody Scan Reveals

  1. Body Fat Percentage: This indicates the proportion of your total body weight that comes from fat. A healthy range for body fat percentage varies based on factors such as age and gender.
  2. Lean Body Mass: This represents the weight of everything in your body except fat, including muscles, bones, organs, and fluids. It is an important indicator of your body's composition.
  3. Muscle Mass: InBody tests provide information about the amount of muscle mass in different segments of your body, helping to identify muscle imbalances or areas that may need improvement.
  4. Body Water: The test can measure the amount of water in your body, differentiating between intracellular water (inside cells) and extracellular water (outside cells). Maintaining a proper balance of water is essential for overall health.
  5. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): BMR is an estimate of the number of calories your body needs at rest to maintain basic physiological functions. This information can be useful for designing personalized nutrition and exercise plans.
  6. Visceral Fat Level: This measures the amount of fat stored around your internal organs, providing insights into your risk for certain health conditions.
  7. Segmental Lean Analysis: This feature provides a breakdown of muscle and fat distribution in various body segments, such as the arms, legs, and trunk.
  8. Body Mass Index (BMI): While not as precise as some other measurements, InBody tests often provide BMI as well. BMI is a ratio of weight to height and is used as a general indicator of body fatness.

Piecing The InBody Scan data together for you

These aren't just numbers; they're the puzzle pieces that, when put together, create a picture of your unique body composition. These metrics can be analysed to give you a better picture and allow trainers and health professionals to give recommendations that are more suited & effective for your body.

What’s a “Good” InBody Test Result?

After undergoing the InBody scan, the focus will shift to understanding the InBody scan result. These results are more than mere numbers; they form a tapestry detailing your body's composition. The concept of a "good" result should be debunked, because, at UFIT, we are advocating for a personalized approach aligned with individual goals and fitness journeys. There’s no good or bad InBody scan result, just an indication of where you are right now and how to get you to achieve your health or fitness destination. 

Get your InBody scan done in Singapore

Now that you understand the benefits of an InBody test, let's address the next vital question – where in Singapore can you do an InBody test?

InBody Scan at UFIT

Sec HeroCTA - 2000x1125

When you schedule a health consult for a personal training program with us or when you take up one of our health screening services, we will always get you to do an InBody Scan. If you are attending our health consultation for personal training, it’s free. If you take up one of our health screening packages, you’ll be paying for it together with other types of assessments. 

Should you attend a health consult as part of your personal training enquiry process, our team won’t just get you to do the scan and ask you to leave. Instead, we will help you understand all the data that the machine churned out and explain what it means for you in terms of your health and fitness goals.

InBody Scan at Decathlon Singapore Lab (Kallang)

Tucked in one of the many aisles of sports equipment, you will find a section dedicated to measuring your fitness and health metrics. Among the available tools is the InBody Scan machine which is operated by Active Health Lab. The machine is placed in a way that you won’t miss it. You just have to download the app on your phone, key in your particulars, scan a QR code, and follow the instructions. It will only take a few minutes to get your InBody Scan results. The only thing that’s missing is having someone to explain what all the numbers mean. You would have to do a lot of Googling to understand what each of the data points mean and how you can use that information in planning your fitness and health plans. The good thing about this is that it’s free.

InBody Scan at Active Health Lab

The most accessible InBody Scan machine is available at one of the many Active Health Labs in Singapore (they’re part of Active SG). If you’ve walked passed one of the outlets, you may have seen in and dismissed it as just another weighing machine. It is straightforward to use, stand on it, hold on to the handle bar looking parts, and let the machine do its job. For $9.10, you’ll get a scan of your body and one of the staff explaining to you what the data means.

UFIT's Holistic Approach

Since you now understand the power of the InBody Scan, it's time to explore how we transform those numbers into actionable steps for your unique fitness adventure. As part of our Ignition Program, we analyse your InBody scan results to provide personalized insights beyond mere metrics. Through those metrics, our fitness professionals can offer expert advice for training, nutrition, and recovery to guide you toward sustainable success. 

As Einstein said, if he had one hour to solve a problem, he would spend 55 minutes understanding the problem and the remaining 5 minutes on the solution. This thinking should also applied to your health goals – more time and effort should be spent on understanding your body to help you achieve your health goals. To achieve your health goals sustainably, you need someone who can truly understand your InBody scan data, your personality, and your daily routine to come up with the most suitable program for you. We are confident to say that our trainers are very experienced and well-equipped to help you with all of that. If you want to achieve your health goals sustainably, we are the team for you.


UFIT Singapore

We are a team of experienced coaches and clinicians who provide an integrated health and fitness community for people striving to achieve their goals.