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UFIT Singapore 12 Aug 2021 2 min read

5 Reasons to Join an Outdoor Class

Thinking of Joining an Outdoor Classes?

Outdoor classes are an intense mix of strength and cardio exercises designed to work your entire body within one hour. It requires little or no special equipment to get a heart-thumping workout. It is a great community workout that builds camaraderie while challenging your physical and mental limits. 

The best part is that you get to exercise outdoors in the fresh air amongst nature, where your outdoor class trainer leads a circuit of challenging workouts that vary according to the environment. 


UFIT Outdoor Classes are one of the pioneer outdoor classes groups in Singapore, with thousands of training with us since we started more than 9 years ago. Here’s what keeps our fellow community coming back for more!

Accessible and Beautiful outdoor locations

Pick from various locations and classes at convenient timings! UFIT Outdoor Classes prides itself as the market leader. With 80 sessions weekly spread across 12 locations island-wide, always look forward to a quality, butt-busting workout in a convenient outdoor location!



Training Variety - You’ll be spoilt for Choice!

We offer a variety of outdoor classes to suit every fitness level. The programs including BURN, BUILD, and Yoga. With so many training programs to choose from, you can always look forward to an interesting and exciting training session!


Qualified Coaches with Infectious Energy

We have the best coaches in the industry who are highly experienced in running group classes and guiding students of all fitness levels. Exercise variations are offered based on your fitness level, and safety is always placed above everything else. You will be challenged and inspired in every workout session to become fitter, leaner, and stronger!



Training Buddies that Motivate and Inspire You

Even if you have the self-discipline to plan and do your own workouts, the dynamics and competition of a group class will make you push that extra yard, and churn out that extra rep!

We do our workouts together, and we leave no man behind. You may have seen our tribe sprinting through Fort Canning Park, or doing bear crawls in the East Coast Lagoon car park. It is always fun working out together. We've even affectionately named landmarks in Fort Canning Park – such as the “Black Hill”, where we sprint in the early mornings and evenings after work.


Strong Supportive Community

UFIT Outdoor Classes is more than just an exercise and training group. We are a close-knit community that has forged genuine, lasting relationships among the members and trainers. With members that have been with us since day one – and the pool still expanding, we are fortunate to continue a tradition of providing a supportive platform for everyone to pursue their fitness goals.


Not sure which outdoor class session you should try? Give us a shout and we can recommend a suitable class for you!




UFIT Singapore

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