Charles Davies 4 min read

Building a Strong Foundation for Golf

Strength is a key component when it comes to any sport that requires a power move such as ...
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UFIT Singapore 1 min read

UFIT Recipe: Xmas Brie Bites

A yummy and homely appetizer that's popular with the whole family - these bite-sized ...
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Charles Davies 5 min read

Postural Injuries in Golf

A good and well-balance posture is essential in elevating your golf swing and stance. ...
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UFIT Singapore 2 min read

#TrainForTrees This December

We are excited to launch our #TrainForTrees initiative, where for every client session in ...
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Charles Davies 7 min read

The secret to a Powerful & Long lasting golf swing

The secret to a good golf swing is building a solid foundation. This includes mobility ...
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UFIT Singapore 4 min read

October Champion: Edward Casey

We take pride in helping to achieve your goals. Inspiring and celebrating greatness by ...
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Ben Farnsworth 5 min read

3 Types of Runs Every Runner Should Know

Know the difference between these 3 runs and how you could incorporate them in your ...
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UFIT Singapore < 1 min read

UFIT Recipe: Zesty Green Morning Smoothie

Start your day and energize with a nutrient-packed healthy smoothie! Quick and ...
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UFIT Singapore 6 min read

Thrive Family Partnership Announcement

We’re delighted to announce that UFIT has partnered with Thrive Family, Singapore’s ...
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Cara Koh 4 min read

5 Efficient Exercises for Runners to do at Home

If you’re looking to fine tune your running form, basic strength exercises are the place ...
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Devin Tan 5 min read

How to Prevent Running Injuries

Here are some expert tips to prevent running injuries now that we are all running more or ...
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David Lee 8 min read

Conquering your First 5k Run

With the upcoming UFIT Corporate Run, some might be contemplating to join your first 5km ...
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