Clean & Lean with the Greens

After last Christmas, Scott and Sheri Green decided to treat their bodies and kick off the new year with the some Clean & Leaning. It was totally worth it - Scott lost nearly 5% body fat and 7kg in the four weeks, and Sheri lost nearly 6% body fat and almost 4kg. They now share with us, after doing the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge four times - how they have felt, how it fit into their lifestyle, and why they would do it again:

1. How often have you done UFIT Clean & Lean and how were the results?

I have done UFIT Clean & Lean four times. The first time I did it by myself and twice I did it with Scott. We both got great results each time. I think Scott saw the results and what a benefit it was for me after the first time so he wanted to know what it would do for him. He eats less sugar than me and was very surprised by what he learnt.

2. Why do it again after learning the principles the first time?

I loved the way I felt and what I learned the first time so I did it again and learnt even more. The truth is it's hard for me to take sugar out completely forever. I'm human and the bad habits creep back in, a holiday comes around or you have a party to go to, and sugar is addictive after all.

But I like to reset, and to learn more. Each time I have done it I have taken something else from it and been educated more. Sometimes you think you are making a healthy choice purely by the way a product is advertised, I think this was the biggest thing I learnt. I thought I was being quite healthy but when you really strip it back you are surprised.

3. How has it been doing it with your husband - and balancing with a social life and three little kids?

You get so much support from Wendy, Noa and everyone else through the Facebook page but having Scott do it with me really helped. We saw the changes in each other and enjoyed exercising together. It's had only has a positive effect on our family, having three kids can be a challenge at dinner time, that's never going to change but if I can get them to try a new thing and its healthy and they like it then that's fab. My oldest daughter now prefers Shepherd's pie with cauliflower mash instead of potato. My son enjoys coming to Bootcamp with me. We have had lots of little changes from doing Clean & Lean. I learnt if you plan your meals it makes it easier and you make better choices.

4. What pushed you through when it all felt a bit challenging?

The main thing that pushed me through the four weeks was what I learnt each week. The community also pushes you through, it makes you accountable. Wendy and Noa help you through each week, they have done it / are doing it themselves and have all the answers you need to get through it.

5. Apart from looking great, how did your body feel during and after the Challenge?

For me, I saw so many changes. At the beginning I'm not gonna lie, it's hard to see what sugar does to you, but as the time goes on and you see the benefits, actually very quickly you see changes. Other people see changes too. My energy levels improved, my skin was nice, my moods were more stable and then there are the changes you see in your clothes, they fit better, even get too big. These are just a few things but there are so many more.

6. Has it been manageable to continue with it after the Challenge?

UFIT Clean & Lean has helped me live a much healthier lifestyle. I have also found a love of excercise I didn't know I had.  I have taken the things I learned going forward to make better choices.

7. Would you do it again and why?

I will do UFIT Clean & Lean again I'm sure. The easy part for me is the four weeks, It's the part after I find harder. That's my challenge and always will be, but now at least I have the knowledge to be able to make the right choices.

8. Scott - do you have anything to add?

No - Sheri's said it all! But I would add just one thing - I don't feel right when I'm not on Clean & Lean.

Join us at the next UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge that starts on 26 August!

Say goodbye to sugar and hello to a Clean & Lean body

Since the low-fat food guidelines came in at the end of the 1970s, the amount of sugar in processed and commercially produced food increased hugely. The main reason for this is that when fat is removed from food it doesn’t taste, smell or look as appealling. So as an enhancement sugar was added to foods to make them more edible. Sugar is highly addictive, so products high in sugar sold well. In short the current generation is very addicted to sugar in comparison to our grandparents' generations. 

Sugar is a natural product, found in a variety of natural foods such as fruit, vegetables, grains, legumes and dairy products. Its benefit is that it breaks down quickly and supplies the brain and muscles with instant energy to function. However, too much sugar will cause us to gain weight. Studies show that the average person consumes around 22 teaspoons of sugar a day from food, snacks and drinks. This is about 3 to 4 times more than the recommended intake advised by the American Dietician Association.

The damage caused by consuming too much sugar over time is wide and does not stop on the scale. Much of the problem is due to the consumption of white sugar and the corn or fructose syrup added to our processed food and drinks. Even though it has been well known for many years that these products are damaging our health, the consumption of processed food and sweetened drinks keeps increasing.

Why should we limit our sugar consumption?



Sugar (sucrose) as well as corn syrup contain fructose. Consuming too much will create a burden on the liver, that has to convert fructose into glucose, which our cells use for energy. The excess fructose will be stored in the liver and around it as fat cells. Fatty liver is damaging the liver functionality and long term this might cause cirrhosis.


Insulin is a hormone that regulates human metabolism. Insulin is secreted by the pancreas whenever we eat something that contains sugar. The Insulin hormone sends a signal to the cells that they should put transporters for glucose onto their surface, thereby allowing glucose to get into the cells where it can be used to generate energy. When we eat sugar, glucose levels rise and Insulin levels rapidly increase in order to absorb the glucose from the bloodstream and into the cells.

However, when too much fat is accumulated, especially around our internal organs, our cells become resistant to the effects of insulin. In response, the pancreas will secrete even more insulin in order to insert the glucose into the cells. The problem is that insulin has additional functionality. One is to send signals to our fat cells, telling them to pick up fat from the bloodstream, store it and to also signal the fat cells to avoid burning the fat stored in them. Unfortunately, this is a vicious cycle, as it will generate more fatty cells and worsen the cell’s resistance to insulin.

Because of the resistance to insulin, the glucose doesn't enter the cells properly and fat storage doesn't break down into energy as well and we feel lack of energy and hunger. As a result we eat more and gain more fat.

Consistent resistance to Insulin will lead eventually to Type 2 Diabetes.


Diabetes is a lifelong condition that causes a person’s blood sugar to be too high, and in time might damage other vital systems in the body. Type 2 diabetes is caused by combination of genetics and lifestyle factors. Being overweight does increase your risk for developing type 2 diabetes. In addition, a diet high in sugar from any source contributes as well. Research has proven that drinking sugary/sweetened drinks is linked to type 2 diabetes.


Studies show that excessive consumption of sugar damages the ability of our body to signal the brain that we are not hungry any more. The reason for that is that high levels of sugar in our bloodstream cause our brain to become intolerant to a hormone called Leptin. In a normal healthy situation, Leptin is secreted by fat cells when they become bigger. When the brain senses the increased Leptin levels, it signals to our body that we are full and we have enough fat stored for rainy days. When the brain develops resistance to Leptin, it doesn't get the message that the fat cells are full of fat. This situation leads to increased food intake and decreased fat burning.


Blood lipids such as LDL and HDL cholesterol are markers of the biological processes that impact cardiovascular disease. When we think about the impact of food on blood lipids, dietary fat typically comes to mind. Yet a new study shows that dietary carbohydrate, specifically high-fructose corn syrup, can have a large impact on blood lipid markers of cardiovascular disease risk. Researchers noticed that "bad" cholesterol and triglyceride levels spiked in those people who consumed more sugar then others. One of the assumptions for this phenomenon is that the sugar damage to the liver, causing the liver to produce more cholesterol than needed.


Excessive consumption of sugar increases the blood lipids in the arteries, which raises blood pressure and increases the chance of having a heart attack or stroke. In fact, 65% of the people suffering from unbalanced type 2 diabetes, die from heart attack or stroke.


New study proves that there is strong correlation between high consumption of sugar and the increased risk of Alzheimer’s. The study shows how the decreased ability to produce energy from glucose has negatively affected brain metabolism and created damage to the brain neurons. It has been referred to and named as "brain diabetes".


Sugar affects the brain in a similar way to drugs such as opiates, alcohol and other legal and illegal drugs. It affects the pleasure centre of the brain by increasing the serotonin, dopamine and endorphin levels. As a result, the body develops tolerance to glucose in the same way it does for other drugs. In time, in order to feel good, we will need more of the sugar. Studies conducted on rats showed serious withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety and tremor when the rats were banned from sugar. No wonder so many of us find it so hard to reduces the intake of sugar in our daily diet.


Sugar makes you more alert and energetic for a short period of time. However, this energy does not last for longer than 30 minutes. Thereafter the energy level drops significantly and you feel exhausted and drained, this is referred as ‘sugar rollercoaster’.


Sugar cause insulin levels to spike, which leads to a burst of inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin. Digested sugar permanently attaches to the broken collagen through a process known as glycation. The result is sagging skin, wrinkles and higher sensitivity to the sun. Aside from increasing the effects of aging, glycation can also exacerbate skin conditions like acne and rosacea. 


The UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge is based around the premise of cleansing your body of sugars and reducing carbohydrates - under the controlled guidance of our nutritionists Wendy Riddell and Noa Harari - and re-introducing limited healthy sugars at the right time, whilst getting nourishment from a balanced diet of healthy fats, proteins and vegetables. 

Whether you are new to the Challenge or have done it before - the benefits of stripping sugars and eating Clean & Lean are endless:

  • Reduced body fat

  • Reduced weight

  • More energy

  • Clearer skin

  • Brighter whiter eyes

  • Reduced cholesterol

  • Reduced blood pressure

  • Increase training health

  • Zero blood sugar crashes

  • Reduced hunger & cravings


And even better - with the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge you're not alone. You get the expert guidance of Wendy Riddell and Noa Harari, a supportive community of others sharing the same experience, an online community to meet and get inspired by, and an e-cookbook with delicious healthy recipes to try. And - the excitement of knowing you are giving your body the love and attention it deserves. 

Sign up here for the next Challenge starting 26 August

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Viper Challenge 20170211 040.jpg


Regardless of the type of exercise you do, including strength training in the mix is super-important. Apart from making you stronger and adding definition to your muscles for a more toned and fit-looking body, it offers so much more:

  1. Burns alot of calories
  2. Revs up your metabolism
  3. Helps with disease prevention
  4. Protects your bone health and muscle mass 
  5. Improves your balance and coordination, posture and flexibility 
  6. Elevates your endorphins, boosts energy levels and improves your mood
  7. Strengthens your bones and muscles to improve your mobility and prevent injury
  8. Helps with your performance at bootcamps, running and other activities like skiing
  9. For competitive athletes it cross-trains the body and helps you race longer and more comfortably.

Some strength training targets your core muscles which underpin everything you do, whilst others focus on very specific muscles of the body. It's been said that the three pillars of great fitness are strength, endurance and mobility, and when you combine your strength work with activities like running, cycling, bootcamps and yoga you've got all you need to be in fantastic health and shape right there.

We figured a great person to give their perspective on strength training would be CrossFit athlete, coach and Personal Trainer Adam Ransley at UFIT Tanjong Pagar. For a CrossFit athlete, correct form and effective training with weights and strength work is essential to be successful in the game. 

Here Adam demonstrates six of his classic strength moves that can be done whether you're a bootcamper who is new to using weights, a regular lifter or a CrossFit athlete. 

Remember that with strength training your muscles need time to recover, and you should warm up and cool down after training. And importantly, get some personalised advice on the type of weights and number of repetitions to make the best and safest progress.


ADAM's six CLASSIC strength training moves


1. The Power Clean - 

Olympic weightlifting is a fantastic way to develop explosive strength, muscle mass and power. Viewed as a shoulder workout the clean also builds muscle development in the legs, lats and overall posterior chain.

2. Front squats

work several major muscle groups whilst enhancing your core strength and improving flexibility. Muscle building and strengthening the lower body is the key benefit of a barbell front squat.

3. Sumo deadlift highpulls 

help you develop power in the posterior chain, strengthening the hamstrings, glutes, lower back and upper back. 

4. Sandbag carries

are a full body exercise and highly functional for everyday use. Sandbag carries restore performance in a basic skill of daily living whilst enhancing strength, core stability and work capacity.

5. Prowler sprints - s

hort duration, high intensity prowler sprints in intervals improves your anaerobic capacity whist building power and explosive strength in your legs.

6. Weighted bear crawls  engage the entire body, strengthening hips and core muscles. Bear crawls help connect the lower and upper body whilst increasing overall power. Adam is nailing it here with 220kg, though this weight is not for everyone and we recommend your trainer helps you choose the right weight for you!

Because everyone is different, a UFIT personal trainer can work out the most effective and safe strength training program for you - based on your goals and strength capabilities - and the best way for that to fit into your current fitness routine and lifestyle.  

CrossFit Tanjong Pagar are running their August Assault strength challenge on 26 August if you fancy trying some of these movements and more with the awesome community there. All are invited, there are plenty of prizes to be won and lots of fun to have - just click here to let us know you're coming.

If you're new to strength training with UFIT, come and do a free trial in any of our five gyms at CrossFit Tanjong Pagar - or at Amoy Street, Orchard Road, one-north or outdoors at Bukit Timah. 


Why embark on huge challenges alone, when you can get experts to guide you - and your husband to join you? Robs Norris tells us how she lost 7kg and 4% body fat doing the UFIT Body Transformation Program with her husband Sean, under the guidance of UFIT Head of Nutrition Wendy Riddell and UFIT Orchard Personal Trainer Tsvety Ivanova.

Now she's finished the Program her journey has only just begun as she prepares for months of triathlon and ironman training ...


1. What made you decide to participate in this program?

Robyn: I was doing HIIT classes up to 4 times a week, although I was getting fit I wasn’t able to shift the weight I had gained since having my daughter, I wanted to tone and build muscle and reduce my body fat.  My husband and I decided to do this body transformation together as a team goal/life style change.

Robyn before the UFIT Body Transformation Program - xjg and x% body fat

Robyn before the UFIT Body Transformation Program - xjg and x% body fat

Robyn's UFIT Personal Trainer - Tsvety: I was waiting for my body transformation client and then Robyn walked in. In my opinion, she didn't have much to transform. She was already in shape and was doing 4 times a week high intensity workouts. Not your typical body transformation client! Fat loss was her goal and I knew we had to do something different for her. Her program consisted of 3 times a week strength training heavy weights 8-12 rep sessions and one strong man conditioning session. I asked her to trust me and the results will come.

2. What’s it been like doing it with your husband?

Robyn: Sean and I work well as a team, before we had our daughter we did a lot of running together but that fell by the wayside when we had Lennon.  With Sean’s positive can-do attitude and my discipline we really do succeed. 

Robyn and Sean after the Challenge, with Robyn having lost 7kg and Sean losing xkg.

Robyn and Sean after the Challenge, with Robyn having lost 7kg and Sean losing xkg.

3. How have you found the training process since you started - and has it been easier or harder than you expected??

Robyn: The first two weeks were really tough, my body ached in places it had never ached before and I was exhausted.  But once my body got through that initial shock of training 4 times a week, it did get easier and more enjoyable especially when you start seeing the changes to your body and energy levels.

Tsvety: Robyn is one of the most positive, hard working people I've met. Every hour in the gym with her just flies by (for me at least :-)). In just a few weeks the weights she was lifting were getting bigger and bigger and she was getting leaner and leaner. Now we have to ask the boys if they are done with the Dumbbells so Robyn can use them.

4. How has your diet changed and how have you found making those adjustments to your lifestyle?

For the first 4-6 weeks, I adopted the no sugar, low carb, high fat diet and was pretty strict with it.  Most importantly I cut down on the alcohol, which I found was the main contributor to my unhealthy eating.  I found my appetite reduced significantly and I craved sugar and carbs less.  I also started intermittent fasting which I found pretty easy to do.  

Now that I am working out 6 days a week and eat pretty healthy consistently I can now eat a few cheat meals and not worry about gaining the weight.  But I do have to keep chocolate out of the house otherwise I will binge eat it all in one sitting. 

5. How did you feel in the beginning - midway - and at the end?

Beginning I felt weak, exhausted and sore, half way I started seeing the results, the training became more manageable and enjoyable.  And now I feel strong and more confident, I find the sessions enjoyable and I just want more and to continue to get stronger.

6. Have the results met your expectations?

Absolutely and much much more.  I actually didn’t expect to get the results I wanted so quickly, I thought I would struggle but once I started seeing results I just wanted to see more and that drove me on.

7. How are you continuing with it - what’s next?

I have started triathlon training 6 days a week as well as 2 PT sessions.  I have my first triathlon on 6 August and then the ultimate challenge will be to do the Ironman 70.3 Phuket at the end of November with my husband Sean, so I am going to be kept very busy.

8. Who from UFIT did you deal with - and how did you find dealing with them?

The gorgeous Tsvety Ivanova has been my Personal Trainer at UFIT Orchard and she has been nothing but amazing from the start.  It's so important that you gel with your trainer and Tsvety made me feel really comfortable and confident and is extremely patient.  I feel she really knows what she is doing and which areas of your body need more work.

9. Any interesting stories or anecdotes about your UFIT trainers - or the process overall?

Robyn: Tsvety may look kind and sweet but she knows how to push you hard in a training session. I did have a few ladies comment on how they would hate to be me when they saw the exercises Tsvety was making me do.  Whenever my husband and I chatted about our day's training session I would say every time ‘Tsvety killed me again today’.  With Tsvety also being a mum we have a lot in common to chat about during the sessions.

Tsvety: In just a few months of hard work and positive attitude Robyn has completely changed her body shape and had exceeded the goals she had set. (Fitting into pair of her skinny shorts). She has not just dropped body fat but she has reshaped her whole body. There are not enough words to describe how proud I am of her. She had the goals in mind, went for it and reached them. And now we are onto the new ones. 

Born to run

Many of us know the awesome Heidi Makinen, either from her podium running victories or as she cross-trains her way around UFIT - at one-north where she strength trains with Stephen Greenan, at Fort Canning where she RunFits with Maire, at UFIT Orchard where she PTs with Tsvety - or gets Rolfed by Maria at the UFIT Clinic.

Heidi has just done it again - last weekend she won the Australian Outback 2017 half-marathon, with the amazing time of 1:29:27.


She's a reigning champ and after doing that race five times they've given her a bib with her name on it! Heidi's an awesome, inspiring athlete who balances her amazing training with a busy full-time career and study on the side - and some injury from time to time - an she's unstoppable with the commitment to her passion and her fitness.

She's also very humble with her victory - "Here I am pictured with the Kenyan champion whom by the way I beat by a minute or two. He may have mistakenly run a couple of extra kms".

Congratulations again Heidi, and to all UFITters out there training or competing for races. We love being part of your journey!!

What I've achieved from my Personal Training

Read the full Expat Living feature here

Read the full Expat Living feature here

Last month, UFIT Personal Training and Bootcamps client Charlotte Freeman spoke to Expat Living magazine about her Personal Training experience with Lachlan Hay at UFIT Amoy

Charlotte does personal training with Lachy three to four times each week, along with Sunday UFIT beach bootcamps with her husband at Tanjong Beach Club.

Her daughter attends the UFIT Kids Holiday Camps and she's also participated in the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge.   



Why she started doing PT

"I needed to lose weight and I wanted to get fit.  After trying to do this on my own I realised I just wasn't seeing the results I wanted. So, I decided I needed to do something different and make an investment in my health and fitness".

"A friend of mine who was looking great recommended her trainer, Lachlan Hay at UFIT on Amoy Street. The next day I had a trial session and never looked back".

Why she loves it

"What I love most about our workouts, hands down, is the variety. I never know what I'm going to be doing when I walk into the gym. We cover a variety of exercises from weightlifting and HIIT to Strongman training and Muay Thai, there's always something different. I also like the fact that having a trainer pushes me to do more than I ever would on my own. I really enjoy working out with Lachlan, even at 6am. He puts a lot of thought and time into designing sessions that he knows will challenge me and are fun to do".

The results

"Where do I start? In the last 14 months, I've lost 25kg, run three half marathons and lifted weights that I never imagined were possible. I feel fit, strong, and most importantly, healthy. I've achieved my original goals and way more. Also, I've learnt two things: firstly, we're able to achieve anything if we want it enough and, secondly, we're capable of way more than we think we are".

What does Lachlan have to say about Charlotte?

"Charlotte is the epitome of Work Ethic. What sets her apart from most is that she does not let her actions contradict her goals. Week after week she strives for better and better, and puts the work in to achieve that. A stellar client whose results are well deserved".

Read the full Expat Living article here.

If you want to go further with your fitness goals or are seeking motivation and guidance from a Personal Trainer, UFIT offers a free trial for clients trying it the first time, from its five locations around Singapore.

Read more about UFIT's qualified, experienced team of Personal Trainers here.






Evy Theunis lost 6.73% body fat in the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge 15 - and was the female runner-up in the Challenge.

Not only has Evy shown great commitment with her nutrition, she supplements that with regular personal training. Her UFIT Personal Trainer, Lizzie Wright shares "Evy is such an amazing person to train. She always brings so much energy to her sessions and gives 100% which helps her achieve her goals. She's one determined cookie!"

Find out more about Evy's Clean & Lean journey right here ...

What made you sign up for THE UFIT Clean & Lean CHALLENGE?

I started my Clean and Lean journey 3.5 years ago when I met my PT, Sara.

Sara helped me lose 20kg and through pregnancy as well and I managed to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I learned about UFIT during my pregnancy as I had to recover from achilles tendonitis, when UFIT Clinic's Declan Halpin had me back on the road to recovery.

One thing I find very hard is to completely stay off sugar, and I noticed that bananas had started becoming a routine, and that lately one cheat day had become 3 or even 4 cheat days. My scale and wardrobe weren’t liking this very much, so I decided to do the UFIT Clean and Lean Challenge.

How was your first week?

I was SOOOO hungry! I ate so much the second day, as if there was no end to it, without much effect. Luckily after 4 days or so it went much better. I realised how much sugar I must have been eating, and it actually made me feel very happy that I was doing this.

Did you sign up with a friend or by yourself?

On my own, but I got a lot of help from our helper Monica, who was so kind to cook more snacks and try out new recipes. Also Lizzie Wright, my UFIT Personal Trainer, Sara and my husband were cheering me on.

How have you felt each week?

In general, my body felt much more “relaxed”. Also, I didn’t really feel tired or weak, so that was good!

Week 2 and week 4 went very well, week 3 was hard as I was having PMS. I wanted to eat cake so badly! Thank god for the chia pudding.

Did it get easier?

When I learned that “Singapore Chili Crab” dressing from Salad Stop wasn’t that bad, all was good again. Something so little made such a difference.

I am quite OK to eat similar food (or the same :-)) every day, so once I decided on what I was going to eat, it went smoothly.

To do this long term, I think it is very important to just keep things simple, and accept what you can and what you can’t have, at least not every day. In the past, I would have gone all the way, bought every health food on the planet and thought that that would set me up for success. Not true. Now, I just adjust the regular recipes to a compliant version. Eg. my version of “taco” is minced meat, taco herbs, capsicum, onions and corn, served with lettuce and spicy mayo. Just no wrap. And I don’t try to desperately replicate a wrap. If I really want a wrap, I’ll have it on my junk day.

Speaking of which, I confess, I did do a cheat meal once every week. I had my son’s birthday party, and had drinks with my friends and team. I never exaggerated, but I noticed that a total break isn’t sustainable mentally for me. So instead of “oh no I fell from the bandwagon, I am a total failure”, I just did it once a week, without feeling bad about it.

Congratulations, you made it to the end of the four weeks how do you feel now?

I feel back on track. Apart from eating better, I also trained harder.

What was the biggest surprise after the four weeks?

The amount of fat I lost! I watched the scale go down and my body feeling tighter but I in no way thought it would be that much.

What kept you motivated?

When I commit to something, I commit to it, simple.

Would you recommend it to a friend?

Absolutely, for 2 reasons: my knowledge about food increased. I really appreciate that! Secondly, it was easier to stay focused as you’re not the only one doing it.


Wendy Riddell, UFIT's Head of Nutrition adds: "We are very proud of Evy's drive, determination and consistency which will get you up to the winning line every time. Well done Evy, and well done to all our Clean & Leaners for working together and getting great results!".



sign up now for some cleansing, healthy eating and a great community supporting you along the way! 

The Clean & Lean success stories continue

The UFIT Clean & Lean Community continues to grow, with thousands of people now having successfully done the Challenge, and 660 completing the last three Challenges just this year alone.

Many have signed up several times, coming back again and again with their friends and family to maintain the healthy lifestyle the Challenge brings. Says Wendy Riddell, Head of UFIT Nutrition “We’ve loved seeing people reach their personal goals, whether it be to make dramatic changes to their weight or just to eat better, and have really noticed that people are finding Clean and Lean living easier to integrate into their lives”.


UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge 15 wrap:

Total kgs lost: 355kg

Average weight lost: 2.61kg

Total body fat lost: 2.31%

Male winner: Ryland Lewer - 7.19% body fat lost

Male runner up: Paul Banks - 6.55% body fat lost

Female winner: Rebecca Cochrane - 6.89% body fat lost

Female runner up: Evy Theunis - 6.73% body fat lost


Check out what the male winner, Ryland Lewer had to say about the challenge ...

What made you sign up for Clean & Lean?

I had heard about the challenge from a friend and was looking for a combination of nutrition and fitness in a program that I could take part in with my spouse.

Before the Challenge, 18 May 2017 - Body Fat 19.91%, 86.2kg

Before the Challenge, 18 May 2017 - Body Fat 19.91%, 86.2kg

After the Challenge, 16 June 2017 - Body Fat 12.73%, 77.8kg

After the Challenge, 16 June 2017 - Body Fat 12.73%, 77.8kg

How did you feel throughout the Challenge?

The first week felt like no matter how much I ate I was still hungry and lethargic. I had enough energy to exercise each day but only at about 70% of my usual pace. I had headaches as well initially though all this had passed by the Friday. I enjoyed looking for new places to get lunch that fit into the clean and lean guidelines.

I lost weight and gained muscle progressively each week, especially after I started the intermittent fasting. That helped raise my energy levels, and increasingly quickened my running pace, I gained almost a minute / km this month.

It got easier after the first week, and though I didn’t lose my appetite I felt progressively fuller on smaller meals, and gained energy.

How do you feel now?

I feel lighter! I also feel stronger, and motivated to continue building on this foundation and take on some sporting events in the future.

I was surprised about how much sugar I had in my diet, and the effects of cutting that out were almost instantly noticeable.

What kept you motivated?

I wanted to increase my fitness this year and this was a good base to work on, the weekly nutritional seminars were interesting and the Facebook group was motivating.

Would you recommend the Challenge to a friend?

Yes, as it has a great balance of fitness and nutrition without any type of extreme dieting. The information I take away from the challenge will shape my future diet permanently.