Originally from Colombia, I have more than 2 decades of experience in the fitness industry since starting my personal training career after finishing school. I have worked in many countries around the world, including Mexico, Germany, and Dubai, before moving to Singapore. These opportunities allowed me to have a diverse perspective and understanding of different cultures and training philosophies from the best in the industry.

I am equipped with the knowledge and experience to help my clients achieve their fitness goals – be it to become leaner, or specialized training to get better at competitive sports. I am a dedicated weightlifter with a passion for gymnastics and calisthenics movement.

I may seem shy and soft-spoken at first. But once you get into a training session with me, you will experience the enthusiasm and dedication I have towards helping each of my client get stronger and reach their fullest potential. I am energetic, earnest, and full of positivity. Coaching and guiding my clients to help them overcome mental barriers and gain confidence makes me very happy!”


My biggest inspiration: My dad. 
My favourite quote: My dad told me this: “Let the past stay in the past. Live today to the fullest and work for a better tomorrow.”

Workout music: Always some heavy metal or rock.

Favorite cheat meal: I am really addicted to sugar!

Best advice given to me: Carpe diem. Life is too short for regrets.