Kinanthropometry is the area of science concerned with the measurement of human body composition. As a result of changes in lifestyles, nutrition, activity levels and ethnic composition of populations, changes to the distribution of body dimensions are forever occurring. Kinanthropometry is the interface between anatomy and movement. It takes the measurement of the human body and determines its capability for function and movement in a range of settings (ISAK global).

Our full anthropometric screening is a comprehensive test that covers body measurements such as skinfolds, girths, and breadths, following the ISAK standards, to assess the status of different important parameters for sports practice, such as: muscle mass, adipose tissue, bone mass and structure, etc. This test will help your sport nutritionist come up with appropriate strategies for your dietary treatment.

This is very relevant for any athlete wanting to assess and/or optimise their physique for their sport based on national and international sport references.

What we measure:

  • Basic: Body mass, height, sitting height.
  • Skinfolds: triceps, subscapular, biceps, iliac-crest, supraspinale, abdominal, front thigh, medial calf.
  • Girths: head, arm relaxed, arm flexed, forearm, chest, waist, gluteal, max thigh, medial thigh, calf.

 Breadths: Biacromial, biiliocristal, transverse chest, AP chest depth, humerus, femur.

What we Deliver

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