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Sports injury clinics Your destination for sports medicine in SG - Blog banner image
UFIT Singapore12 Mar 20246 min read

Sports injury clinics: Your destination for sports medicine in SG

In Singapore, sports injuries are fairly common, even for those of us who aren’t athletes. The simple fact is that when you have an active lifestyle, injury is a natural risk, whether playing soccer, cycling, swimming, badminton, or even a walk along the beach. With great initiatives like Active SG, plus loads of sports facilities all over the island, everyone can dive into the sports they love. However, it can be easy to take pain-free activity for granted. As we start to get older, the ability to bounce back from injuries of all kinds can be the difference between staying active and social and losing progress.

Whether you’re dealing with fractures, inflammation, or generalised aches and pains, sports injury clinics in Singapore can provide a welcome reprieve. These specialty locations employ sports doctors in Singapore who help you address the root cause of your concern, using sports physiotherapy to help get you back to full health and enjoying the activities you love. 

Below, we’ve summarised everything you need to know about sports physiotherapy and sports clinics in Singapore so you can choose what is right for you. 

What is sports physiotherapy?


Sports physiotherapy studies how exercise affects the structure and function of the human body. They typically use a combination of hands-on and passive treatments, including targeted stretching, manual manipulation of the joints and tendons, massage, and dry needling. Through these, they aim to address and alleviate chronic or acute injuries resulting from use, possibly due to strain or direct injury during sports or activity. They also work with athletes to enhance performance naturally through total-body health techniques.

Sports physiotherapy vs. regular physiotherapy: What is the difference? 

While both types of physiotherapy focus on the effects of movement on the body, including movement-related injuries, sports physiotherapists specialise in the care of athletes, as their injuries may differ from those commonly seen in the general public. 

A regular physiotherapist typically works with a range of patients to address related health conditions and injuries. 

Understanding what type of medical support you need is critical to your healthcare experience. If you want more specialised care optimised for athletic performance, sports physiotherapy might be a more suitable option, especially if recovery and optimal performance in your chosen sport is a priority for you.

Why choose sports physiotherapy? 

If you are a high-performing individual or an athlete looking to improve your current performance, a sports physiotherapist is an invaluable resource. 

In Singapore, sports physiotherapists are a part of a multidisciplinary team that includes doctors, physiologists, podiatrists, and other associated medical professionals. 

Sports physiotherapists receive specialty training to improve the performance of athletes

Physiotherapy rehab for injury

To become a sports physiotherapist in Singapore, candidates must also first successfully complete a four-year degree with both theoretical and clinical practice elements. They must master anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology and pathology, as well as the technological tools required to excel in the field. Typically this includes up to 1000 hours of clinic time before graduation from the chosen programme. All sports physiotherapists must then register with Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC), ensuring that all practitioners meet specific standards of education and practice. 

These requirements may seem rigorous, but it accomplishes two goals: It gives practictioners  the confidence needed to excel in this field and ensures that care is given with the highest level of professionalism and expertise. 

Sports physiotherapy can help many avoid medication dependence.

Many athletes cannot or will not take medication, despite how uncomfortable their condition is, preferring to train through the pain and hoping for the best. Some, though, may need to — and may possibly fear a dependency or how it will affect their performance later on. 

Working with a sports injury clinic in Singapore can lower the chances of medication reliance. Sports doctors address both the root cause and the triggers for an athlete’s uncomfortable symptoms, possibly limiting or omitting the need for medication over time. 

Sports medicine in Singapore can support accessibility (at all levels) 

Many athletes who live with chronic conditions (such as “long COVID” or fibromyalgia) may want to enhance their performance despite the limitations of their conditions. Sports doctors in Singapore can support a new standard of accessibility for the athlete and the sport, supporting athletes in reaching their highest level of excellence. 

While general physiotherapists could help to do this in a limited scope, sports medicine physiotherapists in Singapore can take care to the next level, addressing the condition in the context of physiotherapy and the patient’s desired athletic goals. They also work closely with allied healthcare professionals to ensure that a patient is restored to the highest level of health possible. 

Sports physiotherapists can support an athlete’s preventative wellness

Throughout treatment, sports physiotherapists can create personalised health plans that not only address an athlete’s concerns or condition — they can also work to prevent injuries and relapses in the future. 

These professionals can do this more effectively than a generalist physiotherapist, as they have intimate knowledge of specific sports, their range of effects on the body, and the athlete’s style and expectations. 

A preventative approach supports athletes in lowering healthcare costs, enhancing and protecting their performance, and building their confidence as they continue to strive for their next few goals. 

What should I expect when I work with a sports clinic in Singapore? 

Your experience may vary depending on which sports injury clinic in Singapore you visit. However, there are a few common steps you can expect at your next appointment: 

Your physician will gather a health history

After you sign any necessary paperwork to become a registered patient of the clinic, your physio or doctor will compile a health history — asking you questions about your overall health, lifestyle, sport, and fitness level. They may also ask you about your future goals, as well as any conditions that you might be living with on a chronic or acute basis. 

You’ll be examined 

After gathering the necessary information, your sports doctor or physiotherapist will conduct a thorough physical examination. This will provide them with the information necessary to create your personalised health plan. 

You’ll walk away with support and a proactive sports medicine strategy 

After you’re done, your healthcare professional will provide you with your tailored strategy, working with you to attain your next goal. They may also set up follow-up appointments with you to assess your progress. 

Connect with the top sports clinic in Singapore today

Ready to begin your journey to higher performance and better overall health? Our experts are here to help. UFIT is Singapore's top sports injury clinic, helping 3,000+ fellow athletes enhance their performances and heal previous injuries. 

Our team offers shared decades of experience and includes skilled physiotherapists, sports doctors, athletes, and sports experts — giving you the most comprehensive level of care possible. 

Rehabilitation is possible with the team at UFIT. We specialise in athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and members of the chronic pain population, ranging from adults to kids. We’re here to create a personalised health plan and collaborate with your doctors, bringing you to your highest level of health yet. 

For more information and to get started today, please connect with us online.


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