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Where to run in Singapore The best running locations and routes - Blog banner image
UFIT Singapore18 Jun 20245 min read

Where to run in Singapore: The best running locations and routes

In busy Singapore, finding the perfect running spot can be a game-changer for both new and seasoned runners. Whether you’re looking for a scenic trail, an iconic route, an athletics track, or a humble park run, Singapore has something for everyone to explore.

Why run at different locations?

Mixing up your running locations offers numerous benefits beyond just the physical ones. It provides a change of scenery, which can stimulate your mind and motivate you to run. It can also prevent exercise from becoming stale as you travel to and explore new running routes, which will have a positive impact on your fitness journey.

Types of locations/routes & their benefits

Parks and nature reserves

Image by Qingwu Zhou (周庆武), CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Singapore is brimming with parks and nature reserves that offer lush settings for your runs. Locations like MacRitchie Reservoir Park, East Coast Park, and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve host beautifully green, scenic trail runs, as well as varying terrain, making them perfect for both leisurely and more challenging runs.

These types of surroundings allow you to escape the urban jungle and enjoy the calming effects of green spaces. Studies have shown that spending time in nature is an antidote for stress: it can lower blood pressure and cortisol levels (the stress hormone), reduce anxiety, and improve mood.

Running tracks

Running 01

If you’re looking for a more structured and measurable workout, athletics or running tracks are a perfect option. Singapore’s residents are fortunate to live in a country with robust sports policies to promote physical fitness and wellness, which has led to significant investments in sports facilities, including many athletics tracks! Locations such as Kallang Practice Track and (MOE) Evans Stadium offer well-maintained tracks with clearly marked lanes for precise pacing.

Running tracks allow you to avoid busy crowds and varied terrain and focus on speed, endurance, and technique, making them an excellent option for runners who want to improve their performance and accurately measure progress.

Urban routes

Running 02

Singapore's tightly packed urban areas offer a mix of city, waterfront, and iconic routes suitable for runners of all levels. Running alongside iconic landmarks near Marina Bay or Gardens by the Bay not only provides attractive views of the skyline but also gives you the chance to more deeply immerse yourself in Singapore’s vibrant culture.

Urban routes offer convenience, allowing you a quicker way to perform your daily exercise, and accessibility, an often overlooked but crucial factor for runners with disabilities. They’re also often relatively central locations, which helps coordinate larger running groups or clubs.

Running locations in Singapore

While we cannot list all the running locations in Singapore, here are notable ones and some of our favourites.

Parks and nature reserves

  • Gardens by the Bay and Fort Canning Park: Two of Singapore’s iconic destinations and also great locations for running. Combine a scenic run around the Bay with the hills of Fort Canning Park for a great 9–10 km run.
  • East Coast Park: Always busy with exercisers of all ages, East Coast Park has a paved path featuring coastal views for up to 12 km each way.
  • Southern Ridges: A scenic and uncommonly hilly run that connects four adjacent parks. A run along the Southern Ridges features stunning architecture as well as lush tree canopies alongside great views of the city.
  • Bedok Reservoir: A 4.3 km loop around the reservoir that was formerly a sand quarry. Runners can boost this up to roughly an 8 km run by including Bedok Park nearby.
  • Rail Corridor Trail and Clementi Forest: A multi-use path in western Singapore that stretches an impressive 16+ km.
  • Changi Beach Park and Pasir Ris Park: There are some great running options near Changi Airport most of which feature many kilometres of paved paths with coastal views.
  • Bukit Timah Nature Reserve: This large nature reserve outside the city centre offers a wide variety of trails of varying distances and difficulties, not least of which is the steep ascents up Bukit Timah Hill or the Dairy Farm Loop.
  • MacRitchie Reservoir: An infamous 10 km trail around the reservoir that’s only a short 10 km ride from the city centre.
  • Pulau Ubin Island: If you’re willing to take a short ferry ride, you’ll be rewarded with a large island sanctuary packed with trails across swamps and dense woodlands.

Running tracks

  • Kallang Practice Track: One of the best-maintained tracks in Singapore adjacent to the National Stadium. National athletes often train here!
  • (MOE) Evans Stadium: Perhaps one of the most popular running tracks in Singapore. Well-maintained and almost always open, this track is frequently alive with running groups and sports teams.
  • Queenstown Stadium Track: While this track has seen better days and is a little dilapidated, it’s still a fine option if you’re looking for an easily accessible track–not one for fussy runners.
  • National Stadium (100 Plus Promenade): A conveniently located 888 m track that encircles the National Stadium, which is fully sheltered and free to use. However, this is occasionally closed for live music and sports events.

Urban routes

  • Marina Bay: Probably the most iconic running route in Singapore that weaves between some of its major sites. This route offers a lot of distance options with runs ranging from 4–12 km.
  • Downtown Core to Stadium: A dedicated waterfront path that is often populated by both individual and group runners.
  • Singapore River: A short but picturesque run along the Singapore River, starting at Downtown and ending at Queenstown Stadium (around 6 km).

Rules for running at these locations

Singapore National Stadium 100plus track

While there are few rules for running in most of these public spaces, it’s important to always be courteous and respectful to others using them.

Parks, nature reserves, and urban routes are enjoyed by runners and non-runners alike, so it’s important to be aware of your surroundings to ensure you and others remain safe. This is especially important on routes that experience a high volume of tourist traffic, such as Marina Bay.

Many running tracks have specific opening hours and some sports facilities have entry fees–we recommend always checking online before you head to the track. It’s also recommended that you run anti-clockwise on tracks and, if the weather is severe (chances of thunder and lightning), that you stop running and await the signal to begin exercising again from the facility management team.

How we support your running

Regardless of where you choose to run, we're passionate about supporting you and helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Whether you're looking for expert advice on choosing the right running shoes for different terrain, improving your running performance through tailored training programs, or recovering from a running injury with physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, our professionals are here to assist you every step of the way.

Whether you prefer the peace of nature trails, the precision of running tracks, or the bustle of urban routes, there's no shortage of options to suit your preferences in Singapore. So lace up your shoes, step outside, and embark on your journey of discovery.


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