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Head Coach Indoor Classes (Club Street) & Personal Trainer

Harry has always been involved in a sporting environment since a young age. Fascinated with the capability of the human body and always looking to push himself to his physical and mental limit, Harry decided to pursue a career in fitness. He has seen first-hand the profound impact health and fitness can have on people’s lives, which is what pushes him to better his clients.

Bursting with energy, Harry is a people person who loves seeing others achieve their athletic and fitness potential through proper nutrition and training. He believes in striking a balance between functional training and aesthetics, and successfully runs his bootcamp business where he enjoys leading group-style training.

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"A life in fear is a life not worth living."



  • Bsc sports performance Degree
  • Level 3 personal trainer 
  • FNS nutrition 
  • Corrective exercise specialist 
  • RFU level 2 coach
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