Who We Are

our vision is To Be The Industry’s Best Employer, For The Industry’s Leading Team.

We are a team of experienced trainers, health coaches, therapists and nutritionists providing a personalised health and fitness service for everyone looking to make well- informed choices for their health. Our team provides a holistic approach that moves beyond the typical restrictive boundaries to cater to your individual goals.

Whether it is training, nutrition, rehabilitation or performance, we believe everyone has Greatness within them. We are committed to collaborating as a team to ignite and strengthen the greatness in YOU. 

Igniting Greatness

what is igniting greatness?


It’s about setting goals

No matter what they are or where they come from. It can be hitting a new PR, recovering from an injury and learning to walk again or just simply getting to class. There are a million incredible things happening every day.

It’s about community

When you walk in the gym at 6am after finishing work the night before at 11, and somebody brings you a coffee and a smile. When you can’t imagine running 52km through the jungle, until you realise your mate is by your side. When you haven’t had time to even brush your hair because your kid has been sick, but you can’t miss a class because the buzz of the group makes none of that matter. We do this together.

It’s about people

People are unique. Nobody looks the same. Nobody feels the same. Nobody acts the same. Every achievement is important and personal. Everyone has potential for greatness within them. These are the things that make us different. These are the reasons that UFIT exists. To inspire, to motivate, to celebrate, to strengthen and to ignite those incredible moments. It’s about every single one of you out there and the amazing things you do.


Our journey began in 2009 with a small group of clients training together with our Bootcamps business at Fort Canning.  In a bid to satisfy our desire in providing clients with a fitness experience that is more comprehensive and holistic, we launched our 5,000 sq ft flagship studio on Amoy Street in 2011.

Delivering proven results enabled us to expand rapidly across Singapore, harnessing the expertise of the best professionals in the industry, working with our network of health partners and honing in on what we do best - igniting and strengthening the Greatness in each and every one of our community. 

We operate 3 major Health and Fitness Hubs in Singapore, in Club Street, Orchard and one-north. These hubs are the future of integrated health, offering a complete end to end experience from health diagnosis, tracking, training, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, nutrition and elite sports performance. Alongside a CrossFit box in Bukit Timah and multiple outdoor Bootcamp locations across the island, our strength is in the communities we build and nurture.

UFIT Corporate Wellness enables businesses to tailor our services to help them deliver the best health programs for their employees from the in-house UFIT Studio, to bespoke Performance and Virtual Coach offerings, to ensure your teams are in optimal physical and mental health.

Even as we expand, UFIT continues to deliver personalised, science-driven results with an underlying sense of passion, strong work ethic and excellence every time, to keep us on our own journey to deliver our vision of being the industry’s best employer, for the industry’s leading team.

Our awards

expat living - 2019


Favourite Personal Training Gym

Favourite Sports Medicine Clinic

Favourite Therapy Treatment Centre

Kids Camps Category - Runner-up


Fitness Best Asia Awards 2018 - 2017 & 2018 Sports Rehabilitation Facility of the Year

The Finder Singapore - Expatpreneur Awards 2018 Business of the Year

Fitness Best Asia Awards 2018 - Group Exercise Leader of the Year