UFIT's Sports For Life Camps teach children the benefits of a healthy mind and body, while igniting a passion for sports and health.

Games and activities such as football, rugby, cricket and capture the flag will not only develop a variety of skills, but also gives them the opportunity to explore and discover fun new sports.

The camps will be held at Tanglin Rugby Club at Turf City. All camps will be conducted by UFIT’s expert team of coaches and led by Chris Hodges.

What To Expect

Each day of the camp is designed to enhance sports fundamentals for kids, based on their age group, athletic ability, and personal goals. The participants will be split into three age groups, so attendees will be able to socialise, play and compete with children of their own age and physical development, leading to a more enjoyable and productive camp experience.

If you have any queries, please contact us at sportsforlife@ufit.com.sg. 

age-specific programs

UFIT Sports Academy - Orange Program

Kids will be guided through a program that introduces them to the fundamentals of movement and coordination. There will be a huge amount of fun and highly energetic games and exercises that will help motivate them to develop skills for all sports and day to day life.

UFIT Sports Academy - Green

Children will really start to see the results of their efforts & continued physical improvement. Learning the value of teamwork, discipline, and reaching for your goals will complement the children’s physical development. "I'm getting quicker, I'm getting stronger!" This is key to instilling the intrinsic motivation & confidence that will help them push that little bit harder.

UFIT Sports Academy - Yellow Program

 These young people will learn more about the benefits of being in great physical & mental shape. This program will include goal setting, injury prevention, & nutritional advice, providing a “toolbox” of valuable life skills.  It’s all about feeling good, approaching life with confidence, and setting yourself up to be the best version of yourself.