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15,000+ Class Clients
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11 Types of classes
9 Different Locations


We have a variety of  indoor and outdoor classes for you to choose from. Please note, your 7 day pass excludes our Tennis Clinics and Reformer Pilates classes. 

Performance Power

Credits: 15 | Locations: Club St, City Hall, One-North
Expect dynamic, high intensity movements designed to improve your speed & athleticism. 

Performance Cardio

Credits: 15 | Locations: Club St, City Hall, One-North
Expect a high intensity class designed to improve your engine & cardiovascular fitness. 

Performance Strength

Credits: 15 | Locations: Club St, City Hall, One-North
Focuses on compound movements and lifting heavy, with an emphasis on correct form.  

Performance Mobility

Credits: 15 | Locations: Club St
Designed to improve your functional range of motion & promote better movement. 


Credits: 15 | Locations: Club St
Choose from boxing basics, boxing bags or muay thai for the ultimate full body workout. 


Credits: 10 | Locations: Fort Canning, Botanic Gardens
Expect a fun, outdoor cardio workout suitable for all fitness levels.


Credits: 10 | Locations: Oasia Hotel Downtown
Expect a high energy, outdoor class incorporating hypertrophy training and metabolic conditioning circuits. 


Credits: 12 | Locations: Katong Park, Fort Canning
Expect an outdoor strength and cardio based class which uses a variety of different equipment.

Tennis BURN

Credits: 15-22 | Locations: Savitar Tennis Centre (Fairmont Hotel)
The ultimate on-court conditioning session, harnessing the movement and skills of tennis. 

Mat Pilates

Credits: 10 | Locations: Oasia Hotel Downtown
Build a strong, balanced body and increase your flexibility. 

Barbell Club

Credits: 15 | Locations: Orchard 
Learn good technique and build exceptional strength in key barbell lifts, such as deadlifts and squats. 

We believe an amazing workout class
should have these 4 things:

  • 01 A specific goal
  • 02 Good instruction & coaching
  • 03 Good energy
  • 04 A personalised feel

A specific goal

We believe that every fitness journey begins with a clear destination. That's why we emphasize having a specific goal in mind for each member who joins our group fitness classes. Whether you aspire to build strength, enhance flexibility, lose weight, or boost your overall well-being, our classes can help you achieve them all. We'll help you stay focused, motivated, and on track throughout your fitness journey.

Good workout instruction & coaching

We take pride in the quality of coaching we provide in our group fitness classes. Our certified trainers are passionate about guiding you through each exercise with precision and care, ensuring proper form and technique. We understand that every individual has unique strengths and challenges, so our coaches will offer personalized adjustments to maximize your experience while minimizing the risk of injury. With their encouragement and expertise, you'll experience a class that is both enjoyable and rewarding.

An inclusive, positive environment

There's nothing more motivating than a high-energy class. We have crafted an environment where positivity and camaraderie flourish, empowering you to test your limits. Our vibrant community of like-minded individuals support each other, making every session a celebration of progress and personal achievements. 

A personalised feel

Forgot crowded dark rooms with rows of exercise machines. Our indoor classes are capped at 8-10 people, so there's a real emphasis on form, precision and personalised guidance, which is not only important for injury prevention, but also for confidence and progression. 

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Hear from our clients

AnjuUFIT Class Client

The community is so supportive, I’ll never forget my first class where one lovely UFIT member showed me the ropes and gave me SO much encouragement! There’s really something for everyone, whatever your preferred training style.

Stephanie LeeUFIT Class Client

Really nice facilities and a great line-up of classes. Fantastic trainers who specialize in training for results and high performance.

Grace LeeUFIT Class Client

Great total body conditioning session by Jacob! 👍💪 Every sweat was worthwhilen. I am kind of feeling that I am slowly building my endurance stamina better n better each week.. 💃

Clarissa BerniceUFIT Class Client

This was so fun!!! Instructions were extremely clear despite attending UFIT’s classes for the first time. Jacob created a super friendly and fun environment for team building and checked our forms to make sure we’re getting the best out of the strength training. Highly recommend :)

Ben GoldieUFIT Class Client

Great class. Exactly what has been missing from my training schedule.

Sharlini JeyaratnamUFIT Class Client


Lyn TualUFIT Class Client

It was amazing and the coach is very friendly and accommodating!

Amilia TanUFIT Class Client

The workouts are extremely easy to follow. Pushes us to our limits as we work on our muscles. The instructions are clear and concise. The instructor is friendly and shares many tips.


Great class, friendly to a first timer

Mizael PohUFIT Class Client

Enjoyed the workout of the day - appreciate the incorporation of isometric holds alongside eccentric/concentric actions. Marco was engaging and gave clear demonstrations on movement standards, and provided encouragements to grind through to hit the rep targets.

Carrie LevineUFIT Class Client

A great workout that was so fun I almost forgot how hard I was working. Almost.

Charlotte DicksonUFIT Class Client

Loved this class!! I’m new to boxing and it was excellent for learning the technique. Great cardio workout and pure fun. Highly recommend

Clare LeightonUFIT Class Client

Loved it, great technique coaching and it was a short sharp workout

Class Locations

  • UFIT City Hall
  • UFIT Club Street
  • UFIT One-North
  • UFIT Orchard 
  • Fort Canning Park (Outdoor)
  • Katong Park (Outdoor)
  • Botanic Gardens (Outdoor)
  • Oasia Hotel Downtown (Outdoor)


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