Sweat Together, Stay Together

Have you ever wanted to exercise with just your friends and have an entire gym space just to yourselves? Well, get excited because now you can!

UFIT has two fully equipped Studios at Fairmont Hotel and Club Street, specifically designed for private group workouts. The idea is simple. Get a few of your colleagues, clients, or friends together, book a weekly time slot and we'll handle the rest.


What TO expect?

Book a series of 60-minute workouts conducted by one of our very best Personal Trainers, customized to your needs and goals. Classes include Burn, Build, Pilates and Yoga. Tell us what you would like to focus on, improve or achieve, and our team will help you get there! 


some of the CLASSES ON OFFER...

Burn Class at UFIT Studio @ Fairmont

BURN is focused mainly on conditioning. The class will mix aerobic and anaerobic training and include high intensity calorie-burning exercises. BURN is designed to get your heart rate up and keep it there over the course of the session!

Build Class at UFIT Studio @ Fairmont

BUILD is focused mainly on strength. Clients will build strength in all planes of movement and throughout the body. Clients will improve their strength and stability which promotes a balanced training regime and supports long term health and fitness goals.

Sculpt Class at UFIT Studio @ Fairmont

SCULPT focuses on overall body strength, tone, and alignment by combining low- impact and high-intensity movement. Using exercises inspired by barre movements, expect to work your muscles before stretching them out to encourage length and flexibility.

Stretch Class at UFIT Studio @ Fairmont

STRETCH aims to provide relief to problem areas such as tight hips and a sore lower or upper back. Possibly the most important class of your week, the session takes elements from yoga and pilates to target stiffness in common areas of the body leaving you feeling more comfortable and relaxed.

Sport-Specific Group Training

Sport-specific training blends selected exercises to create a bespoke program for your group's chosen sport. Training may relate to speed, agility, power, endurance, balance, and recovery to enhance performance and prevent injury. Enjoy the private training sessions tailored to suit your level and your athletic needs.

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Our bespoke training program is specifically tailored for you, based on your goals, lifestyle, and previous injuries. Whether you're looking to build strength, tone up, or improve your health for the better,  we will help you get there!