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At UFIT, we create personalised and specialised nutrition programs backed by well-researched science to support you in achieving your goals. We want to educate you too so that you can filter through all the misconceptions about nutrition and find out what works and what is truly beneficial for you.

Throughout your programme, you will have access to our interactive phone apps, which will provide you with direct access to our team of specialist nutritionists and the whole community.

Kickstart your Nutrition journey today for just $107 with a clear, actionable, and scientifically proven approach!


What's Included

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Why Choose UFIT Nutrition?

Nutrition is not one size fits all approach, and not all diets are the same. UFIT’s team of specialist nutritionists have the experience and skills to help you achieve a wide variety of goals and manage a wide spectrum of conditions.

Our approach is to equip you with everything you need, and support you on the journey to achieving the best nutrition plan that works for you. We will provide the structure, motivation and support that allows you to take control of your body and achieve more than you thought possible.


What's Your Goal?

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