Important announcement from Will Skinner, UFIT CEO:

Following the recent announcement by the Ministry of Health on stricter social distancing measures, we have decided to suspend our indoor classes at Club Street. For our regular class goers here, please rest assured that we will not be expiring any credits in the near future, and if you still want your UFIT "fix" you can use your credits to access any outdoor bootcamps and CrossFit classes. 

With all existing and new classes we will be complying with the new government regulations, limiting classes to 9 attendees and practising safe social distancing, on top of ensuring all equipment and training aids are sanitised and wiped down before and after use.


UFIT’s Indoor Classes are studio-based exercise and take place at either the UFIT CBD Hub at Club Street or at UFIT one-north. A combination of performance-based fitness and balance classes, these offer a broad range of work-outs and work-ins that can either standalone as your core focus or sit alongside your personal training packages for greater variety to improve general fitness, strength and mobility.


Find the right UFIT Group Indoor Class for you with our extensive range of specialised classes in either our Showroom or Classroom studios at UFIT Club Street. 

UFIT Club St Indoor Class Showroom Schedule-1


UFIT Club St Indoor Class Classroom Schedule

Types of classes

We have streamlined our indoor classes to continue providing top-level group fitness sessions for you in 2020! Smash your goals now with the class offerings below.


Power is our signature class that involves general body movement, strength, speed, and cardio work -  training the way athletes train. Available at UFIT Club Street and UFIT one-north


Build focuses on building strength in all planes of movement, and throughout the entire body using weights and mobility exercises to ensure a total body workout. 


Burn is designed to get your heart rate up and keep it there over the course of the session.


Core ensures you do not neglect your core muscles so that you can reap the benefits of a strong core!


Swing your way to better conditioning, stamina, technique, strength, power and explosiveness.


Pilates practice can help you to develop a more mindful, strong, and flexible body.


Stretch improves your flexibility and mobility to maximise strength using movements inspired by Pilates and Yoga.


Box is a technical conditioning class that provides you with a fun and challenging workout in a safe and supportive environment.


Groove along to music and sweat it out with our dance classes


Sculpt uses exercises inspired by barre movements focusing on overall body strength, tone and alignment combining low impact although high intensity movement.  


Reformer Pilates practice can help you to develop a more mindful, strong, and flexible body, 3 to 1 Pilates Class only available at UFIT Orchard.


Stay active during your pregnancy with our Strength or Pilates classes from our prenatal-certified coaches.

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