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Personal Trainer

Miles obtained a bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy in the Philippines before becoming a Personal Trainer in Singapore. She is always looking for opportunities to grow and develop her as a person.

When it comes to her clients, Miles always incorporates prehab into training programs, including specific and targeted exercises for muscle weakness and imbalances which cause dysfunctions in the body and lead to injury if not addressed. Her approach to weight loss is focused on creating processes that lead to behavioural change. However small, these little successes overtime will create a cycle of continuous improvement on a person’s health and fitness.

Being a mother of three, Miles loves helping women of all ages find their own version of strength and confidence from the inside out.


Khai is a personal trainer with a background in competitive rugby who got into health and fitness through his love of sports. He picked up rugby when he was 16 and have been playing for Wanderers RFC for over 10 years. A personable coach who value-adds his services to busy working dads through habit-based coaching, Khai believes that understanding change psychology will bring further effectiveness into his clients' training program, especially their time outside the gym.

The social stigma of being an overweight kid hit him hard when he was a child and Khai is determined to never allow himself to fall back to a low level of confidence ever since. As a big part of his life's purpose, he now draws fulfilment in helping his clients transform into their better selves.

Khai recently picked up Muay Thai to keep himself motivated to train regularly and you would see him with the occasional Nasi Briyani on his cheat day.


  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy
  • ITEC Level 3 Certificate in Sports Massage
  • Level 1 Certificate in Clinical Acupuncture in Hong Kong University SPACE
  • CPR, AED and First Aid Adult and Child - American Safety and Health Institute
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