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Senior Physiotherapist

Davina has always been passionate about sport. She grew up in the equestrian world and so was surrounded by the challenges and turmoil of injury from a young age. She studied Physiotherapy at university, but became even more focused on pursuing it as a career after a severe injury changed her grandfather’s life. She finds working with people to enhance their function incredibly rewarding.

When it comes to her clients, Davina takes an open and honest approach, aiming to support and empower them with the skills they need to both understand their pain and injury, manage it effectively, and build resilience for their future activities.

Davina works with people from all walks of life, but specialises in lower limb rehabilitation (hip, knee, foot and ankle pain), with a more specific focus on dancers, yogis and runners.


  • BSc Physiotherapy
  • MSc Sports and Exercise Medicine

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