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Personal Trainer

Anikka is a personal trainer who has been involved in a range of sports growing up. She had the opportunity to represent England Students Women’s Open in international Touch Rugby tournaments and is currently completing her Masters' in Strength and Conditioning Science. Anikka's personality and charisma make her adaptable to working with clients of all ages with different goals - strength, aesthetic or performance-based.

She has experience in coaching athletes, focusing on improving strength pain-free. She also assists with UFIT Sports for Life, helping young athletes develop athletic traits through an array of sports. She puts 100% into getting to know clients, their goals, and motivation, as she believes these are important factors in creating individualized programs. Her coaching philosophy revolves around a balanced lifestyle - Rest, Exercise, Nutrition, Mindset, and Lifestyle.


  • BSc with Honours in Exercise and Sports Science
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer (+ additional FasTrack in Personal Training)
  • Certificate in Strength and Hypertrophy Masterclass
  • Standard First Aid + AED Provider
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