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Find your greatness and discover who you really can be. At UFIT there is something for everyone. #IgnitingGreatness


Train with the best-in-class personal trainers at one of our five studios to achieve real results through personal training programs.

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As Singapore’s leading and award winning, exercise rehab, injury recovery and women's health clinic, our holistic approach and full range of physiotherapy and massage-related services will get you back on track as soon as possible.

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Train with Singapore’s largest outdoor fitness community and get access to 80 sessions a week in 12 different locations

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What's going on and coming up!

UFIT Retreats

UFIT Retreats are open to everyone - you do not have to be a UFIT member to join us on our escapes around the world.

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UFIT Spartan Race

The upcoming Spartan Race will be coming to our beloved heartlands in Bukit Timah. It’s time to rally the troops for 3 August and get ready to tap into our home ground advantage for a gritty exercise in determination this time round!

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UFIT Dance

Come join our new dance classes as we look to tone, move and groove to infectious beats. Prepare to leave dripping in sweat and extremely exhilarated with all of the good vibes and endorphins flowing.

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For the community, the guidance and
the expertise

We’re a dynamic community of experienced fitness coaches and motivated members who are passionate about the transformation in your body, your health and in your life. At UFIT we listen and understand your ambitions, your challenges and develop effective programs and work with partners to give you the complete wellness experience.

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