UFIT are Singapore's leading health and fitness provider with over 100 coaches and clinicians across various locations. We offer a holistic integrated approach through our four verticals of Health, Fitness, Sports and Corporate Wellness.


Our team of experienced and qualified personal trainers will help you to overcome challenges, reach your goals, and achieve noticeable results.

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As Singapore’s leading and award winning, exercise rehab, injury recovery and women's health clinic, our holistic approach and full range of physiotherapy-related services will get you back on track as soon as possible.

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Our Bootcamps are back! Join us at Singapore's most beautiful locations for a range of classes, including BURN, HIIT, Build and Metcon.

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Take advantage of UFIT's Personal Training offer and get up to $300 off any PT package, free nutrition sessions and a free Health Consultation. Give yourself a head start for the New Year and book your free Health Consultation today!

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We are offering a full year of Health Screens for only $750. Our Health Screens allow you to identify any health risks that you need to be aware of and help you understand how to get the most from your body via exercise. 

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UFIT Osteo - Zoe

Drop in at one of our Physio and Rehab clinics and get 10% off Osteopathy, Pilates or Sports Massage packages. It's time to shake off any pain and discomfort for the new year!

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We are a dynamic community of experienced fitness coaches and motivated members who are passionate about the transformation in your body, your health and your life. At UFIT, we listen and understand your ambitions, your challenges and develop effective programs to give you the complete wellness experience.

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