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Ignite Greatness from Within
UFIT is delighted to be LinkedIn Singapore's official Wellness partner.


The LinkedIn Wellness team innovate and implement wellness initiatives that energise, educate, encourage, and engage LinkedIn talent via onsite, online, and in-community opportunities. 

Taking a holistic approach – placing equal emphasis on all aspects of our body and mind – enables us to thrive. Akin to a plant requiring sunlight, soil, air, and water to grow, LinkedIn’s program comprises of Six Tenets of Wellness, essential for humans to flourish.

Awareness is the first key to success. By bringing attention to our Thoughts, Breathing, Hydration, Nutrition, Movement, and Rest, we can identify and disrupt negative patterns, unlock our full potential, and gain positive transformational results.

  1. Thoughts
  2. Breathing
  3. Hydration
  4. Nutrition
  5. Movement
  6. Rest



Thoughts can be either creators or saboteurs to all that we do in our lives. Becoming clear on our overall purpose and setting clear intentions around that purpose lays a strong foundation that guides our decision-making. Mind full, or mindful? Being mindful of our thoughts, words, and actions, throughout the day, places us in an optimum position to set, influence, and attain the goals that are aligned to our innermost true selves.


Breathing is part of our autonomic nervous system. Without conscious effort, it is something we do from the first day -to the last day of our lives. Being instinctive, we sometimes take this tremendous tool for granted. Bringing attention to our breathing, and establishing proper breathing patterns, calms our minds and reduces the stress response that occurs when we receive stimuli that detract us from our goals.


Hydration is crucial to maintain a healthy balance of bodily fluids. The functions of these bodily fluids include digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and regulation of body temperature. But that’s not all! Being well-hydrated improves sleep quality, recovery, cognition, and mood, while facilitating the elimination of pollution from our bodies. Make water your go-to beverage, and remember if you pollute, you must dilute!


Nutrition is our life-force. Via the consumption of essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, food powers our cells and makes us what we are – you quite literally are what you eat! Placing an emphasis on eating real food (picked, pulled, slaughtered, or caught); as opposed to products, provides us with energy for activity, materials for growth and repair, and a healthy immune system to thrive.


Movement tells our bodies to retrieve stored energy (e.g. fat or glucose) and put it to use; to store any extra energy in our muscles, or to use it for repair rather than storing it as fat. We are dynamic beings and are designed to move. By moving in all planes of motion we allow our muscles to act as pumps that aid all aspects of our existence. Squat, Bend, Lunge, Push, Pull Twist are the six primal movement patterns that should be incorporated into our everyday lives.


Rest is mandatory for life. It deeply affects our physical mental and emotional wellness. Our bodies shift into restore and repair mode while we are asleep. Consistent, adequate rest improves mood and memory, and reduces stress and inflammation. We can outsource a lot of activities in our lives, but sleep isn’t one of them. Optimise your sleep. Put tech to bed well before your bedtime and allow your body time to restore and rejuvenate to feel regenerated in the morning.



LinkedIn endeavours to remain ahead of the curve in the global employee wellness sphere


Unleash your greatness! In-person wellness classes are back, with a fresh new schedule to keep your fitness motivation up. Enjoy a sweaty HIIT workout, or find your zen with a good yoga flow.

If you can’t make it to the office, we’ve got you covered. Our virtual classes are still on and we have over 10 weekly sessions.

For full schedule and registration for onsite or virtual classes, visit go/wellnessclasses and select the Singapore location.


At UFIT, we take the time to understand your needs and goals, and thoroughly assess where you are in terms of your health, your body composition, your fitness, and your mobility. From there, we create an individualised program, designed to achieve long-lasting results.

Personal Training
Personal Training

Take your training to the next level with one of UFIT's Personal Trainers @ LinkedIn! Regardless of what your fitness level is, a personal trainer will work closely with you to understand your strengths and limitations and tailor a program designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

A PT session is 60 minutes long and includes a mix of mobility, weightlifting and conditioning, depending on your individual goals and your trainer’s programming style.


Intro Offer
3 Pack

1:1 Personal Training

SGD 250

10 Pack

1:1 Personal Training

SGD 1100

20 Pack

1:1 Personal Training

SGD 2100

Buddy Training
10 Pack

1:1 Personal Training

SGD 1400


Enjoy the very best from UFIT's partners, including some of the must-visit restaurants in Singapore, to the best clothing, services and nutritional produce we can get our hands on.

PLUS, exclusive to LinkedIn Staff:

  • Ongoing discounted PT rate
  • Ongoing discounted Nutrition rate
  • 15% OFF of UFIT Credits using ‘LINKEDIN15
  • 20% OFF of physiotherapy and clinic services – showing LinkedIn badge at any UFIT clinic upon payment

Gym Hours

Monday – Friday: 8AM to 6PM
Saturday - Sunday: Closed
Any questions? Reach out and connect with our Wellness Team!


  • Wellness Team
  • Coaches
Haqeem Mazli On-site Health Promotion Specialist
Haqeem Mazli On-site Health Promotion Specialist
Shweta Panicker Class Coach
Shweta Panicker Class Coach