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‘At UFIT, we exist to inspire and guide our community of members to realise levels of fitness and confidence beyond what could be possible by themselves. Fitness isn’t our job, it is our way of life’

Continuity is how you build a physique.

— Frank Zane, IFBB Mr. Olympia, 1977–1979

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How Do I Fix Lower Back Pain?

As an osteopath lower back pain is something I treat very frequently, it is actually the most common reason why people see an osteopath. (Orrock, 2009) Lower back is an incredibly common problem with 8 in 10 people experiencing it at some point in their lifetime. It is so common to have lower back pain for more than 3 months that it is now considered an epidemic and also makes up half of lower back pain patients. 95% of lower back pain is considered to be non-specific with not one specific cause contributing to the pain.

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Proper Recovery Can Help You Run Even Better

A question I ask many of my athlete clients is, “What do you do for recovery?” Most of which look at me vaguely and reply, "what do you mean by recovery?" This reply is something that both puzzled and frustrates me. How does any athlete expect to run (or train) at high volume and high intensity for weeks on end without getting injured? To be honest it’s a miracle that they are managing to get to all the starting lines throughout the year at all.


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3 Workouts You Can Do at Home During Pregnancy

Are you an expecting mother thinking if you should exercise during your pregnancy? We all know that exercise during pregnancy is not a bad thing, and could in fact be beneficial for the expecting mother. Here are 3 workouts you can do at home while pregnant.

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Frozen Shoulder: How to Let it Go

A chilly explanation - so what exactly is frozen shoulder? Current research suggests it is characterised by a change in the joint capsule and certain ligaments within the shoulder causing them to lose their elasticity and become very stiff hence the term ‘frozen’. The pain may be a result of the inflammatory process and the chemicals released while this is happening. But it could also be attributed to a host of other causes.

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Your Hips Don't Lie - Run Pain-Free and Prevent Injuries

“I don’t want to run, it’s not good for my knees and my hips.” You’ve heard it all before, and while there is validity to some of these statements, better understanding would help us break down some of these issues and how it can help us run pain-free.

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