Continuity is how you build a physique.

— Frank Zane, IFBB Mr. Olympia, 1977–1979

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Thank you for you taking your first step. 

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‘At UFIT, we exist to inspire and guide our community of members to realise levels of fitness and confidence beyond what could be possible by themselves. Fitness isn’t our job, it is our way of life’

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10 Simple Tips to Enjoy Your Vacation While Staying on Track

Vacation season is fast approaching and many of you will be heading to your home country or to a holiday location. Your usual routines will be forgotten temporarily, so what should you do to keep you on track to maintain the benefits of all your hard work throughout the year?

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Overcoming Gym Anxiety and Fear: Alison Macdougall

Alison MacDougall was never a big fan of exercise. She always said she wasn’t interested and it just wasn’t for her, after all, she’s not sporty and athletic and the general perception is that “gyms are only for the fit?”

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5 Easy Tips: Nutrition, Hydration and Packing Food for Your Trip


We all know that travelling can sometimes “get us out” of our healthy routine. Whether it is a vacation or a business trip, planning simple, yet effective strategies beforehand will help you to make the best choices and eat healthy during the time you are away. With everyone looking to travel for the summer, here are 5 useful tips you can refer to for eating and hydration while travelling as well as packing food for your trip.

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Should your training ease up during the summer vacation?

The answer to this question, as with most things training and fitness-related is - it all depends. Most avid fit-fans would set reminders to not forget their super breathable training wear, yoga mats and protein shakers when going away for the summer (I’m looking at you, readers of the blog). I’d suggest we take a moment to think it through before all the sun, sand and fun commences.

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Nutrition Tips to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation

That feeling when you’re handed the first drink as you finally make it on board the plane. Only the holidays are ahead of you and there is so much to look forward to so everything else can wait till you return... or can it?

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