The academy is designed for 11-18 year olds to help improve their sports performance and overall fitness and health whilst having fun and being part of a motivating group setting.


Tom and Joe both hold Masters degrees in Sports Strength and Conditioning, with a focus on youth development. Tom has previously worked in professional rugby as well as in the youth academy at professional football team Brentford FC. Joe has worked with ATP World Ranked Tennis players, rowers and rugby players amongst adult MMA fighters, Rugby players and field Hockey players.

Each session COVERS:

  • Dynamic warm up session
  • Core stability training
  • Resistance and body weight exercises
  • Speed, power and conditioning training

The sessions enable participants to build a solid athletic foundation to excel in your future sporting or active life. Sessions run throughout the week, please see relevant times below. All levels and abilities are welcome.

Join us on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays,  4pm to 5pm.

Youth academy COACHES

joe williams

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tom clarke

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Josh is 10, and has been playing rugby since he was 3. He is always keen to find ways to improve his rugby fitness so when the UFIT Youth Academy was opened up to boys aged 10 and over, he jumped at the opportunity to join. Josh goes to training twice a week at the moment, and loves every second of it. He always comes out with a huge grin on his face and was delighted to be awarded “Athlete of the Month” in January! The coaches are great – they make sure that the kids are doing the exercises correctly and they make it challenging and fun. Josh’s fitness levels have improved noticeably since October, when he started going to UFIT – he can now do at least 10 push-ups fairly easily, with great form, and is working on his pull-ups. His rugby and swimming coaches have commented on his improved fitness and his change in body shape – he’s looking so much stronger and fitter than he did before. Best of all, he has a far better understanding of how to use his core correctly to avoid injury, and his form is getting much better! Joining UFIT was one of the best choices that Josh could have made – he’s gained so many benefits from his sessions, and is looking forward to adding an extra session in on Wednesdays if possible.
— Kerry Cracknell, Josh's mother