UFIT Summer Team Series

What's the ufit summer team series about?

Starting from May 1 2019, the UFIT Summer Series is a celebration of functional fitness in a fun team setting of four athletes per team.

It is an team competition over the course of four weeks to showcase your strength, endurance, grit, teamwork and fitness versatility. Everyone is encouraged to join regardless of your fitness experience or background.

How many members can I have in a team?

Each team will have four members: 2 Men and 2 Women in a team

How does it work?

Every week, UFIT will be releasing four workouts during the challenge- The first workout is released on May 1st where it all begins.

There will be a DEADLINE to complete each workout. Scores have to be submitted through Competition Corner by anyone in your team.

Some workouts might need a video for the workout score to be validated.

How much is the entry fee?

The registration fee costs $200 per team for a team of four.

When do registrations open? 

April 15, 1300 h .

What does the registration fee include?

A goodie bag for every team member filled with exclusive UFIT Merchandise - including a limited edition shirt, stickers and tattoos, and many more! Of course the fee is also your registration for the month event.


Can anyone be part of the UFIT Summer Team Series or must you have a background in CrossFit?

The UFIT Summer Team Series is a functional fitness competition.

What happens if my registered teammate can’t be there for one of the weeks?

We will allow every team to potentially have one substitute. The team split will still have to be two guys and two girls for the week of the competition.


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