UFIT Education Bootcamps Coaching Course

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This 9.5 hour course will be run by our highly qualified and experienced Head of Bootcamps (also a Personal Trainer) and Physiotherapist and RunFit coach to ensure you've got all bases covered: 

  • Effective programming and session design
  • Correct and targetted warmups and post-session stretching
  • Effective fundamental exercises for all parts of the body
  • Correct technique
  • Dealing with injury and physical disfunction and more.

You'll get to work out alot during the course so will get your Bootcamp fix in as well!

At the end of the course you'll run your own Bootcamps session and get feedback from other course participants - and finish up with professional ACE accreditation, enabling you to start running your own sessions!

The course will be outdoors and cover three different terrains - the Botanic Gardens, Fort Canning and Tanjong Beach  to help you develop fun, effective and motivating sessions for your clients.


Date: 17 to 18 March
Location: TBC

Saturday 10am - 5pm

Sunday 10am - 12.30pm.