Join Our New Tennis BURN classes



Tuesday evenings from  7-8:30pm

Thursday mornings from 7-8:30am.


Savitar Tennis Center @ Fairmont Hotel above Raffles City


18 credits

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What is Tennis BURN?

Tennis BURN harnesses the movement and skills of tennis and adds specially selected elements of functional fitness to create a fantastic on-court conditioning session that will have you coming back for more.  

What is UFIT's philosophy for TENNIS BURN?

We have created an innovative and high-energy tennis fitness session that our clients will love. Classes will combine aerobic and anaerobic training and elements of mobility, strength, and speed.  The focus will be on higher intensity calorie-burning exercises conducted on and off the tennis courts to improve fitness, footwork, and tennis skills.  

What is the coaching intent for every client over 6-12 months?

Each player will get fitter and enhance their tennis skills while having fun in a supportive group session.  Ignite your greatness on the tennis courts!

What can you expect?

Functional fitness innovation and fun while improving their skills in the lifelong sport of tennis!

Where is the class held?

Savitar Tennis Center @ Fairmont Hotel with other locations coming soon.

Full location details and map here.

Useful location info: To get to the Savitar Tennis Centre, please enter via the Fairmont Hotel lobby. Take the lift to the 6th floor and walk through the Willow Stream Spa up to the swimming pool. Walk around the pool towards and you will see the walkway to the tennis courts and the Savitar tennis Centre sign. Tennis Burn is conducted on courts 4, 5, and 6. 

Who is this class for? Is it a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced?

Anyone who is cleared for exercise and looking to increase fitness levels and improve tennis skills. This class is scaled and timed to allow players of all skill levels to enjoy their workout.  No tennis experience is required and rackets can be provided if needed.

Classes are currently capped at 15 pax per session.