What is UFIT Stretch Class all about?


A class focusing on improving flexibility and mobility of your joints and muscles to maximise strength within your range.

All too often we focus on the training and ‘workout’ elements of performance and our exercise regimes. This class is an opportunity to actively recover in a group environment with the guidance and care of your coach.

You will learn:

  • Active recovery and self-care
  • This class is very much a developmental class, so expect to see and FEEL improvement week to week

What can you expect?

  • 25mins mobility work (some high intensity)
  • 25mins flexibility work
  • Learning how to stretch effectively for long term health and performance

Who is this class for?

  • Anyone who is cleared for exercise and looking to increase flexibility and range of joint mobility within a group setting
  • No level of training experience is needed
  • Ideal compliment for all PT clients, especially post training and/or an opportunity for a ‘work-in’ session