Top Training Tips

To help you get race ready for Singapore To Santa, our awesome coaches have shared some technique tips for swimming, cycling, running, ski erg and rowing. Our in-house Nutritionist, Pamela has also shared some nutrition advice for pre, during and post-event. Check them out below!


Rachael Kelly, UFIT Personal Trainer and former GB Swimmer has put together some great technique tips on breathing, leg kicks, arm positions and mobility. Check them out here


Dave Lee, UFIT Physiotherapist and Triathlete shares some tips on how to cycle further, faster, and more efficiently. Learn more here!

Rowing Tips

Dylan Goddard, Personal Trainer at UFIT shows us how to look like a pro on the rowing machine!

Maire Running Tips (1)

Máire Nic Amhlaoibh, UFIT Physiotherapist & Running Coach, shares 5 top running tips for those who are new to running or getting back into it after a long break!

Ski-erg Tips

Dylan Goddard, UFIT Personal Trainer shares several tips on how to help improve your efficiency on the ski-erg.

Nutrition Tips


What you eat and drink is just as important as your training regime when it comes to sports performance. Pamela Ibarra, UFIT Nutritionist shares some tips for pre, during and post-event to help you perform your best at Singapore To Santa!