Sean Douglas

Personal Trainer

UFIT Sean Douglas Personal Trainer


Sean Douglas (@fight_house_thailand/)  is a personal trainer who is a former US Marine and has been involved in martial arts since he was 9 with a black belt in Taekwondo and a blue belt in Jiujitsu .

Throughout the years Sean has worked with Hollywood actors, professional athletes in the UFC and the NFL and people from all walks of life. His training system goes beyond that of combat sports, implementing fun ways to get in shape for anyone looking to reach their fitness and wellness goals through meditation and martial arts. This keeps the sessions interesting and they are a great stress reliever in today’s hectic lifestyles.

Sean is also a KOTC Bantamweight Champion and has competed in and around Thailand, most notably at the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok. Outside of his sporting achievements he has also hosted seminars worldwide for women’s self-defense and classes for kids.



  • KOTC Bantamweight Champion
  • Martial Arts Movements for Fitness and Wellness