With individual courses for sports staff and for students, we offer Ace accreditation via continuing professional development for staff members and curriculum parallel courses for student development.

Staff CPD:

UFIT Education’s structured Continuing Professional Development courses are a way of maintaining and developing your competence as a qualified professional by engaging in regular learning activities. Our courses aim to help participants to implement teaching pathways better and to develop more holistic teaching practices.

Through CPD participation you are able to:

  • Ensure that your knowledge and skills remain current, enabling you to deliver the highest standards of learning to students.
  • Assess your training needs, identify and partake in future learning opportunities.
  • Reflect on what you have learnt and implement this knowledge in your faculty work.

Student Workshops:

UFIT Education’s workshops and courses help students to accelerate their curricular sports science theory and practice by parallel and complimentary training in a range of disciplines.

The short term gain is better understanding of the Why and How of their chosen sport coupled with the futures aim of significantly enhancing their higher education qualifications prospects.