What is RunFit Online?

UFIT RunFIT Final Teaser

UFIT RunFit online offers you the chance to become part of our running community and have a comprehensive running plan that will provide you with the structure and progressions required to excel in running. Whether you're training for a 10k or full marathon, we have the plan to suit you. 

Your program will be delivered through our interactive phone app, which will provide you with direct access to UFIT's expert running coaches.

Sign up today for our RunFit program for just $49.50 per month!

what you will get

  • Personalised Run Program in your pocket

  • Written by our expert run coaches

  • Choose your training distance

  • Tailored to your current needs and goals

  • Track your time and progress

  • Customisable for upcoming races and events

  • Access to our community and Strava group

  • Access to our monthly webinars

Also enjoy a 10% Discount for our Heath Screen if you sign up for RunFit Online. 



how it works

If  you have have questions  please contact us here.