What is UFIT Run?


As soon as you put on a pair of trainers and head out the door moving from a walk to a run you can call yourself a runner. However, runners come in all shapes, sizes, ability, fitness and confidence levels. This is why UFIT has expanded and it now has two running bootcamps. One aimed at beginners and those returning to running and one aimed at seasoned runners.  


There are many different reasons why people choose to take up running. Some choose to run sporadically with no measurable goal. It may simply be to get fitter or reduce stress. Other runners are apprehensive about causing themselves harm or are a little nervous returning to running after injury.  Some of you may already be running occasionally but wish to improve your time, distance or speed but lack the confidence and knowledge in how to achieve this.

RUN brings all of these aspects together in a fun, social environment that will help you progress and grow as a runner regardless of your short and long-term goals.

Running is a specific skill and you need to work at a skill regularly to improve.  You may be participating in other forms of exercise and activities right now but just because you are fit, it does not necessarily make you adept at running.

The program will encompass a variety of different training methods to improve your running ability. The program will use a variety of techniques including:

Running drills

Aerobic conditioning

Fartlek (speed play)

Progression running

Interval sessions

Tempo running

As you work through all the different aspects of running we will am to educate you on WHY and how these specific components of running can help you. 

RUN will be appropriate whatever your current standard. We will be looking to enhance your running ability while utilising a variety of different energy systems aimed at improving aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. If you are new to running it can help build your baseline aerobic capacity at a pace that will reduce your likelihood of injury, this can also act as a supplement to your current fitness regime!

RUN will be the start of your running journey and give you the confidence to make running a regular part of your exercise routine. 

Timings and Location

7.30pm, Every Thursday at Evans Road Track