Rohit Raj


Rohit Raj
My strength as a trainer is my ability to motivate and make my clients feel good about themselves and their achievements. I see their strengths and highlight it to them. I find that very important to keep them moving forward and making visible progress. I love seeing them become a better and stronger version of themselves. With that I get to see their confidence grow and how it impacts all areas of their life. I love how I am given the opportunity to make such a positive change in someone’s life.
— rohit raj


I have always been an active individual. At the age of 10 I started playing soccer competitively for my elementary school. At 12 I got interested in skateboarding, and at 16 I started learning Muay Thai. These activities were the foundation of my love for fitness and it made me realise the importance of strength and endurance. I was skinny from a young age and got motivated to start training with weights after seeing the progress some friends made. Having made significant progress myself I decided I wanted to help others feel better about how they look and that is when I decided to become a personal trainer.

My personal fitness goals is to get stronger and attain a well built physique in a safe and progressive manner. This means fueling my body with good nutrients to help me sustain my energy levels for a good workout, and developing good eating habits. With the right balance, I believe we can enjoy all types food – that is a healthy mindset to adopt. 


My favourite quote:

“If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” - Red Adair

My favourite cheat meal: 
I don’t think it’s psychologically healthy to look at certain food as cheating. As long as you manage portions and have a balanced diet you can enjoy all types of food!

My biggest fear:

Haha my dad once told me never to share my fears with anyone. Know them but don’t share them.

Best advice given to me:

Always count my blessings. It might be a bad day, but not a bad life.

Self-motivation mantra:

Don’t wish for it, work for it.


  • American Council on Exercise Certification (ACE Certified)

  • Trigger Point Therapy Myofascial Compression Techniques

  • Firetrainer Suspension Training

  • Punchfit Boxing Trainer

  • Level 2 ZUU & Ankorr

  • Level 1 Power Plate Core Fundamentals

  • ViPR Trainer

  • Behaviour Change in Exercise (PTA Global)

  • Rehab Essentials (Rehab Trainer)