Ray Yoe

Personal Trainer

Ray PT
Being able to connect with and understand your client takes more than just daily interaction.
— ray yoe


Ray is an experienced bodybuilder with a background in football and powerlifting. He got into fitness with the goal of achieving the best possible version of himself.

As a personal trainer, Ray’s goals are being able to strike the balance between eating and living well. He specialises in body-sculpting, strength training and nutrition. Understanding that different aspects of training have to be adjusted and individualised, Ray adapts and makes changes when he needs to.

Ray finds joy and passion in being able to give his clients a great start to the day or a nice wrap-up for the evening. He believes that every journey with his clients are a mutual learning experience.

At his own time, Ray enjoys rock climbing and sees Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as one of his sources of inspiration.