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Whether you are a soon-to-be mum or are looking to get back into exercise after the birth of your baby, UFIT has you covered! Our Pre/Post Natal personal training program will provide you with all the support you need to stay fit and healthy.


Our trainers are highly qualified and have vast experience coaching clients and being mothers themselves. We recognise that every pregnancy, delivery, and recovery is different, so our trainers will design bespoke programs to suit your specific needs.


Our program takes the guesswork out of what you can and can’t do during pregnancy. You will also learn how to prepare your body for labour and delivery, how to recover from pregnancy and how to build a strong foundation in the post-partum stages.

Take advantage of UFIT's Personal Training offer and get free nutrition sessions* and a free health consultation* if you sign up today!


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Customised training program to suit your needs


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Direct access to one of UFIT’s best-in-class PTs 


ongoing nutrition guidance

Ongoing nutritional support


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Learn techniques to help alleviate stress & build mental resilience

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I started training with Melissa a little over two months ago after having my 2nd baby and have found the experience a welcome return to fitness. She is extremely knowledgeable around postpartum fitness and the boundaries of women’s post baby bodies. Melissa is not afraid to push me hard and keeps the sessions engaging with many different exercise options all whilst ensuring progression on my fitness journey. She keeps me honest with dietary check ins and at home exercise routines and is a pleasure to train with, which makes the tough sessions a lot easier to handle.
Harreite Woolams
UFIT Pre/Postnatal Client