What are UFIT Prenatal Classes?


Exercise during Pregnancy

Exercise is a very important part of having a healthy pregnancy! Learn how you can stay active with our Strength or Pilates classes from our prenatal-certified coaches.


Prenatal Strength Class

Led by highly qualified pre/post natal trainers Melissa Gut and Holly Klimcke, UFIT Prenatal Strength classes are designed specifically for women to join at any stage of their pregnancy. 
  • Each 60 minute class includes specific breathing and pelvic floor control/strengthening
  • Targeted mobility to aid in aches and pains as your body changes, and full body strength and conditioning

Prenatal Pilates Class

Join highly qualified pre/post natal trainer Dipti Mistry, for Prenatal Pilates at any stage of your pregnancy. 
  • Each 60 minute class includes specific breathing, pelvic floor control and targeted mobility to aid demands and changes in your body
  • Strengthening exercises will focus on posture, hips and glutes; areas that require extra attention as you go through the pregnancy
Our small group classes ensure each participant gets personal attention and adequate supervision to address individual needs throughout pregnancy. All exercises are carefully selected to prepare your body for the many changes you will experience during your pregnancy, labour and delivery.