Align Yourself

Pilates activates the muscles that have become ‘switched off’ from being injured, sedentary or simply in a prolonged seated position common in the lifestyles of busy office workers. It encourages activation and strengthening of the deep core muscles which helps to protect the spine and prepare the body for movement and thereby preventing injury.

Regular Pilates practice can help you to develop a more mindful, strong, and flexible body, enabling you to engage in your favourite sports and daily activities pain-free.

Missing the studio, and still want to get your Pilates fix? Get outside, into the sunshine and fresh air and soak up some Vitamin D while still getting the expertise and guidance of UFIT’s Pilates Specialists.


Why is PILATES in the park for me?

  • Each session will be held in a bright and beautiful, scenic area of Singapore. 
  • If you are feeling uncomfortable around groups of people at the moment, this outdoor option would allow you to continue your routine, while maintaining adequate social distancing and adhering to the great outdoors. 
  • Private one-to-one Pilates and group class Pilates available. 

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