Rebuild and Recharge Outdoors 

With the disruptions that we have now and many of us being cooped up indoors, getting outdoors for some fresh air is becoming increasingly important. Not only can Vitamin D  help to boost the immune system, but it's also the perfect opportunity to clear your mind. 

We have introduced Physio in the Park, where our Physio and Rehab specialists can help you with your little kinks and issues that might have stemmed from being sedentary, on top of helping you with existing problems.

Beyond treating your existing pain and discomfort, our Physiotherapists will assess and diagnose the cause of pain, find the most effective way to alleviate it, and help to prevent re-occurrence, all in the amazing outdoors.


is Physio in the park for me?

  • Want to enjoy the bright and beautiful outdoors while completing a challenging rehabilitation session with Singapore's best Physio and Rehab team. Alleviate, activate and align to recover, rehab and recharge outdoors!
  • If you are experiencing an injury, pain or recovering from surgery but would like to get outside, soak up some Vitamin D and still get your rehab done.
  • If you are feeling uncomfortable around groups of people at the moment, this outdoor option would allow you to continue your treatment.

If you are in an active stage of your recovery, this option is ideal - so many rehabilitation exercises can be done in the great outdoors. 

Please note, this is not suitable if you require treatment such as manual therapy or massage.


Your therapist will bring a selection of resistance bands and equipment. All we need you to bring is your exercise mat, towel, water and the energy and enthusiasm you bring every day.